Memorialization Options

A permanent place for gathering and healing allows family and friends to find comfort long after the services are over. Finding the perfect memorial pays tribute to your loved one by creating a space that’s all their own.

Memorial Benches

Remember your loved ones with a beautiful durable bench that can be placed at any of our cemeteries. We have a choice of either a traditional park style bench or a custom granite bench. You can include a 20.3 cm by 12.7 cm (8 inches by 5 inches) bronze plaque with up to three lines of specially chosen words that will commemorate the life of your loved one on a traditional park style bench. Granite benches can include inscription of names, poems and quotes as well as photos. Each bench is custom designed, including selecting the colour of the granite and the amount and type of engraving

Memorial Tree

Honour your loved one with a memorial tree. You can choose from a list of trees specifically chosen for their beauty and durability. Our Cemetery Staff will assist you in selecting the perfect location in the cemetery to remember your loved one You can include a 30.5 cm by 25.4 cm (12 inches by 10 inches) granite base for the 15.2 cm by 20.3 cm (6 inches by 8 inches) bronze plaque and up to three lines to honour your family name or loved one or choose to have a granite stone that would include inscription information.

Please contact Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries to inquire about prices and further information about our various memorial options.

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