Monuments & Markers

Before installation, you must sign a contract and pay all fees. The monument dealer often collects fees and writes the contract. When fees are paid, Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries pours the concrete foundation for a monument or installs the marker (depending on the season). The monument dealer must visit the site to make sure there are no existing monuments or markers.

If you know where you want a monument or marker installed
Contact the monument dealer of your choice directly. If you do not own the property where you want the monument or market installed, you must show proof that you have permission from the owner to install a monument or marker.

If you don't know where to install the monument or marker
Call the Cemeteries Office at 905-546-2424 ext. 4704 for assistance; or emailĀ [email protected]

For more information on monument and marker regulations, please review the by-law.

Monument Dealers

All monument dealers must complete and submit the marker and foundation order form. Submitted order forms will be reviewed, once approved a permit will be issued.

Image of monuments at Hamilton Cemetery