Remembering Services

The Field of Flags Honours our Veterans. Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries places Canadian Flags in front of our Historic Gate House at Hamilton Cemetery (777 York Blvd) to honour our Veterans each November.

Remebrance Service - No Stones Left Alone

To honour the sacrifice and service of Canada’s military by educating students and placing poppies on the headstones of veterans every November. No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation is, among the leading agencies, dedicated to honouring and remembering Canada’s veterans. The No Stones Left Alone Ceremony of Remembrance is a unique ceremony that provides students and youth with an authentic experience that creates knowledge, understanding and appreciation of those who serve and of the sacrifice of Canada’s fallen.

Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries is proud to be a partner and host site for the special ceremony each November. Students and special guests attend the ceremony at Hamilton’s Woodland Cemetery. The Field of Honour at Woodland Cemetery has over 800 headstones of Veterans. During the Ceremony a poppy is placed on each headstone and the name of the fallen is said. The goal is to educate, act and engage youth in the importance of remembering and respecting our fallen military veterans and honouring our soldiers.  A wonderful tribute to those who have served our country.

Remembrance Day

Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries is honoured to pay tribute to our fallen. Every Remembrance Day, Canadian Flags are placed in front of the headstones of veterans in the Field of Honour at Woodland Cemetery, and our staff place Canadian Flags in front of Hamilton Cemetery to honour and remember of Veterans.

field of honour graves

Event Schedule

Cemeteries are sacred places where the dead are laid to rest with dignity. Visitors are asked to behave respectfully, please follow the directions and instructions of your tour guide.