Consideration for Residents, Occupants & Businesses

Filming should not negatively affect the local community. This includes (but is not limited to) spill-over lighting, exhaust fumes or noise that may affect their ability to enjoy their property or conduct their business.


You must comply with the City of Hamilton's Noise By-law No.11-258 . The Noise By-law covers things like:

  • the location of silent areas such as hospitals
  • operation of machines
  • sound levels
  • barking dogs


Lighting for filming must not face neighbouring residences.


All generators used on streets or in public areas must be equipped with silencing attachments unless otherwise approved.

Night filming

Filming between 11 pm and 7 am is not permitted in residential areas.

If you need to film in this time, you may require approval from the affected residents, occupants, businesses, and City of Hamilton staff. If you receive approval to film during this time, you must notify all residents.

Disruption of residents, occupants and businesses

You must minimize disruption to residents, occupants, businesses and City services. You must allow pedestrian and vehicular traffic access to all properties.

Every effort must be made to ensure that people with special needs are not inconvenienced. For example, having parking for vehicles with disabled parking permits.


The Hamilton Music and Film Office handles all complaints and forwards them to the ward councillors when necessary. If you wish to file a complaint contact:

Music and Film Office
28 James St. N. 2nd Floor
Phone: 905-546-4233