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Hamilton is a city with a cinematic soul. It’s a city and location that is adaptable and diverse, gritty and beautiful, and offers resources for film crews that include Hamilton-based film businesses (please select 'Hamilton' as your location), a wide range and great quality of hotels, accommodations and restaurants, and by filming here you can access tax credits.  To help you visualize and hear why other productions choose Hamilton, watch our documentary style video on Reasons to Film in Hamilton.

Hamilton is the second busiest film location in Ontario and hosts hundreds of productions every year who come here because of our location, wide range of neighbourhoods and architecture, small town feel with big city backdrops, diverse rural landscapes, and our people. This make Hamilton the perfect place for those looking to open or expand your film business. To help you visual what Hamilton has to offer with our variety locations and incentives for your film business, watch our ‘Hamilton Film Sizzle Reel - Film, Locate and Expand here!’ for inspiration.

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Reasons to Film in Hamilton

There are  many reasons to film in Hamilton, explore many of the advantages and watch our documentary style video

Learn about the Reasons to Film in Hamilton

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Plan Your Shoot

Before you submit your Production Information Sheet and Permit Application, you may want to contact staff to help complete your applications. 

Learn about how to Plan Your Shoot

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Film Permit Process

We encourage you to submit your film permit application at least 3-5 business days prior to their proposed filming date(s). Road closures require a minimum of 10 business days notice.

Learn about the Film Permit Process

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Information for Hamilton Residents, Tenants, and Business Owners

As a Hamilton Resident, Tenant, or Business Owner, you may interact with production companies filming here in the City.

Learn how to interact with production companies

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Movies, TV Series and Commercials Filmed in Hamilton

There were over 130 productions that filmed in Hamilton in 2018, making Hamilton one of the top filming locations in Ontario.

View all productions filmed in Hamilton

Looking to Open or Expand Your Film Business

Looking to Open or Expand Your Film Business

Hamilton’s film industry and infrastructure is growing. Hamilton has 9,140 film workers and 901 film business, making it the 3rd largest cluster of film businesses in Canada. Find out more and who can assist you.