Filming in Hamilton

Film Shoot Parking

Production companies are encouraged to maximize parking in private and public lots before requesting street parking.The daily rate per parking meter is $9, $10, $13 each per day depending on the area of the city and the day of week. 

Production vehicles must not block:

  • fire hydrants
  • bus stops
  • pedestrian crossovers
  • signalized intersections
  • driveways
  • accesses, egresses and ingresses
  • ramps
  • parking lot entrances
  • accessible parking for persons with disabilities

Production vehicles must not:

  • park in fire routes or within 9 m of an intersecting street
  • impede with any emergency response vehicles

Any exceptions must be approved by the property owner or be identified when you apply for your permit.

Request permission to enter a Municipal car park

If you would like to park any vehicles related to your filming within a Municipal car park, you have the option of reserving the car park in whole or in part.

To submit a request:

  1. Determine which Municipal Car Park you wish to enter.
  2. Complete thePermission to Enter a Municipal Car Park Request and submit to:

​Hamilton Municipal Parking System
80 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON
Phone: 905-540-6000
Fax: 905-540-6001
[email protected]

If approved, you will receive a permit allowing your agency to use the car park for a specific period of time under certain conditions.

These conditions include:

  • You must provide a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance naming the City of Hamilton as a co-insured.
  • You must adhere to the hours in which they have access to the car park and the portion of the car park approved for occupation.
  • You must restore the property to the condition it was before you used it. This includes cleanup of garbage and other debris.
  • The applicant must reimburse Hamilton Municipal Parking Services for any lost parking revenues resulting from your use of the car park.

Parking in Business Improvement Areas

Parking will be coordinated with the Business Improvement Area, the Hamilton Music and Film Office and Hamilton Municipal Parking System. Parking of base camp or technical trucks on main commercial streets is prohibited.