Guidelines for Filming in Hamilton

These guidelines provide standards for the assessment and co-ordination of commercial filming in Hamilton. If there is a conflict between these and any City by-law, the City by-law takes precedence.


The following guidelines apply to all filming on City-owned property in the City of Hamilton, except for current affairs and newscasts.

We reserve the right to refuse filming if you do not follow these guidelines. This includes production companies or individuals who have not followed the guidelines in the past.

Projects for consideration

Projects that are considered as location filming include:

  • feature films
  • television films
  • television network programs/series, including reality programming
  • television commercials for commercial, government or non-profit
  • documentaries
  • educational films
  • commercial photography
  • other projects as approved by Council


There are sensitive areas properties in the City of Hamilton where filming is restricted or prohibited. City staff will determine what filming is permitted in or around heritage properties on a case-by-case basis.

Funds spent in the Community

You must report all money spent in Hamilton by your Production Company’s cast and crew members.

We report the wealth generated by the film industry to City Council.