Notification Letters

You must notify affected residents, occupants and businesses five business days before filming. Affected residents, occupants and businesses are those who are located in proximity to or in the impact zone of filming. Contact us to learn more about the limits of notification.

This letter must first be submitted to the Hamilton Music & Film Office before you hand it out.

The Hamilton Music & Film Office may modify your letter to ensure the information is accurate and clear.

You must include the following in the notification letter:

  • production office name, address and phone number
  • location manager’s name and cell phone number
  • Hamilton Music & Film Office telephone number
  • duration and location of filming
  • planned special effects
  • road and lane closures, sidewalk usage
  • on and off-street parking
  • Hamilton Film Permit By-law Number

Business Improvement Areas

If you plan on filming in a Business Improvement Area, you need to review the BIA’s Film Production Policy available from the Music and Film Office.

The City of Hamilton controls all filming on public property, but BIA cooperation helps the filming run more smoothly.

You must give the BIA executive directors and key contacts a copy of your notification letter before you hand them out to the community.