Filming in Hamilton

Reasons to Film in Hamilton

Hamilton skyline at night

There are so many reasons to film in Hamilton, explore many of the advantages below and watch our documentary style video on Reasons to Film in Hamilton.

Hamilton’s Film Highlights:

A geographic location that is accessible and offers additional incentives

  • Located within a one-hour drive to Toronto and the US border.
  • Access to all four modes of transportation – rail, road, air and port. Hamilton has its own international airport and waterfront that includes a port.
  • Medium-sized city that’s pretty easy to get around in.
  • Hamilton’s location makes it the first city outside of Toronto to be eligible for not only the Refundable tax credit to eligible Ontario-based Canadian and foreign-controlled corporations of 25% of qualified Ontario production expenditures for eligible film and television productions but also an additional regional bonus

Wide variety and styles of locations 

  • 200 distinct neighbourhoods representing many different eras
  • Old and new architecture: ~ 6.5% of Hamilton homes are 100+ years old
  • Small town and bigger city-feel: Hamilton has played small town USA or Canada, Boston, NYC, Chicago etc.
  • Industrial and futuristic: Hamilton’s history as a steel town creates some interesting  opportunities

Diverse landscapes

  • Thousands of acres of green space: parks and conservation areas
  • Waterfront views: Lake Ontario and Hamilton Harbour, sandy beaches, trails, waterfalls, bridges, marina’s, shipping docks, railway shunting yards, and piers that present a great locations and vantage points.

Great amenities for your crew

Film-focused Businesses and Talent in Hamilton

  • Businesses: Hamilton is home to many film friendly and focused businesses such as studios, standing sets, special effects, equipment rentals, recording studios, post VFX and animation etc. You can search businesses in Hamilton via a searchable online database (please select 'Hamilton' as your location)
  • Talent: Contacts and resource guide of individuals working in film and living in Hamilton.

Ontario Industry Supports and Organizations

Now What/Next Steps

Like what you see and ready to determine your location in Hamilton? Your next step is to contact the Hamilton Film Office via email [email protected] or phone 905-546-4233 and we will assist with film permits and applications, coordinating city facilities, roads, parks etc.