Filming in Hamilton

Special Effects and Dangerous Filming Activities

The Film Office, Hamilton Police Services and/or the Hamilton Fire Department must be notified and approve of filming of dangerous activities in Hamilton. Follow the instructions below to properly notify the appropriate group about your specific activity.

IMPORTANT: Note the notification times required for staff to review and approve each activity. Notification times are 10 full business days for open flame effects or 5 full business days for other SPFX requests. Please plan accordingly. Applications submitted without the proper notification time will not be considered.

For film activity using guns, gun-fire, pyrotechnics, squibs, bomb mock-ups:

  • At least 5 full business days before filming, submit your completed request form by email to [email protected] and [email protected] to provide notification and information about the film activity. In some cases, a representative from the Hamilton Polices Services may contact the FX Location Representative to request additional details.
  • Request a Paid Duty Officer at least 48 hours before the start of filming.
    • Each application is reviewed by a senior officer prior to approval. Please clearly state that the anticipated duties for the attending Paid Duty Officer relate to dangerous filming activities.
    • Paid Duty must be coordinated by Hamilton Police Services. Private paid duty services are not permitted.
    • Fees: Paid Duty fees are based on the length of paid duty, number of officers and equipment required to service your request. Payment of fees is due to Hamilton Police Services upon completion of the paid duty.

For film activity using display fireworks, flame effects, pyrotechnics:

  • Submit a completed information package for review to the Hamilton Fire Department Fire Prevention Services by email to [email protected] and [email protected] to request approval for the anticipated activity. The review process is a paid service. Payment must be received before staff review the application. Contact [email protected] or 905-546-2424 ext 1380 to arrange payment.
  • Information packages must be submitted 10 full business days before filming open flame effects or 5 business days for all other requests
  • Refer to the following information sheets for information package requirements: 
  • Request a paid standby fire truck and crew at least 10 full business days before filming. Non-emergency stand-by service must be provided by the Hamilton Fire Department. Private or out-of-town services are not permitted. 
    • Please provide a detailed location map to determine the response area and type of crew that will be required.
    • Please provide the start and end time for the paid standby fire truck and crew so that the Hamilton Fire Department can provide a cost estimate to be approved in advance by the film production.
    • Fees: Total amount be invoiced after the event and will include the cost of Non-Emergency Standby for events and Full Cost Recovery for Crew. Payment of fees is due to the Hamilton Fire Department after filming. For more information about fees related to non-emergency stand-by, please visit:

For film activity that includes first responder uniforms, prop cruisers, prop emergency vehicles, etc.:

  • Contact the Paid Duty Office at least 48 hours before the start of filming.
  • Based on the specifics of the shoot, the Paid Duty Office will advise whether support is required and notify emergency dispatchers in case of any calls from the community.