Music in Hamilton

Live Music Venues

Live music venues storefrontHamilton has a long list of places and spaces across the city (i.e. coffee shops, pubs, event venues, large arenas, City Hall forecourt etc.) where you can listen to live music. The city is fortunate to have a number of Live Music Venues who:

  • focus primarily on live music as their core business;
  • offer musicians regular places to work and be paid;
  • have invested in music infrastructure (stages, sound system, expert staffing); and
  • contribute to the city’s vibrant culture and night time economy.

If you are a music fan or local musician and looking for a Live Music Venue consider exploring the following:

38 King William Street, Hamilton

Corktown Tavern
175 Young Street, Hamilton

Doors Pub
56 Hess Street South, Hamilton

Mills Hardware
95 King Street East, Hamilton

Sous Bas
145 Main Street East, Hamilton

339 York Boulevard, Hamilton

The Casbah
306 King Street West, Hamilton

Live Music Venue Study

Live Music Venue Study (2020) (PDF, 521 KB) The purpose of this study is to understand the economic impacts (revenues; jobs; GDP; taxes; tourism; etc.); artist development impacts; and social or quality of life impacts that live music venues have in Hamilton​.

Staff report to Council along with the consultant's full report (PDF, 200 KB)