Building Permit Classes and Fees

You must pay permit fees when you submit your Building Permit application. Building Permit fees are determined by Hamilton’s Building Permit By-law 15-058 (PDF, 302 KB).

Schedule A to the Building By-law

Calculation of Permit Fees

1. Permit fees shall be calculated based on the formula given below, unless otherwise specified in this schedule:

  • Permit Fee = SI x A

Where SI = Service lndex for the applicable Classification under section 3 below of the work proposed, and A = floor area in m2 of work involved.

Permit Fees

2 a. Permit fees shall be rounded off to the nearest full dollar.

2 b. Where the permit fee is in excess of $50,000 an applicant may elect to pay 50% of the full permit fee at the time of building permit application and the balance at the time of permit issuance.

Classes of Permits and Fees

3. Permit fees shall be calculated using the following table:

Table 1 - Classes of Permits and Fees has been separated into the following Groups:

Minimum permit fee of $234 for processing and issuance of permits,except where specifically noted otherwise in this By-law

Group A (Assembly Occupancies) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
All Recreation Facilities, Elementary Schools, Daycare Facilities,
Libraries, Places of Worship, Restaurants, Theatres, Arenas,
Gymnasiums, Indoor Pools, Secondary Schools and all other
Group A Buildings
Portable Classrooms/Classroom Unit $349 (flat fee)
Shell only $18.98
Finishing only $4.96
Non-Residential- Outdoor Patio $175 (flat fee)
Group B (Institutional Occupancies) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Institutional, Hospitals, Medical Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, and other Group B Buildings $26.13

Group C (Residential Occupancies) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Single Family Dwelling, semi, duplex, row house, townhouse $14.72
Apartment buildings $14.72
Hotels, Motels $19.46
Group D (Business and Personal Services) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Office Buildings (up to 10 storeys) (Shell only) $14.69
Office Buildings (up to 10 storeys) (Finishing only) $4.70
Office Buildings (up to 10 storeys) (Finished) $19.38
Office Buildings (more than 10 storeys) (Shell only) $17.77
Office Buildings (more than 10 storeys) (Finishing only) $4.99
Office Buildings (more than 10 storeys) (Finished) $22.75

Group E (Mercantile) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Retail (Shell only) $12.06
Retail (Finishing only) $4.07
Retail (Finished) $16.13
Group F (Industrial) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Industrial (shell only) $7.32
Industrial (finishing only) $4
Industrial (finished) $11.32
Parking Garages $6.67
Gas Stations $12.16
Foundation and Conditional Permits (in addition to the regular permit fee) Flat Fee
Residential under Part 9 of Division B of the Building Code $363
Residential/Commercial/lndustrial/institutional under Part 3 of
Division B of the Building Code (up to 1200 m2)
Residential/Commercial/lndustrial/institutional under Part 3 of
Division B of the Building Code (greater than 1200 m2)

Designated Structures Flat Fee
Communication Tower $420
Crane Runway $420
Exterior Storage Tanks - Above and below ground (except for
fire fighting water reservoirs)
Pedestrian Bridge/Walkway $420
Retaining Wall $420
Satellite Dish (face area equal to or greater than 5 m2) $420
Silos $420
Outdoor Public Spa $861
Outdoor Public Swimming Pool $1,704

Fire Protection Systems (stand alone - excludes relocation of components for existing system) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Electromagnetic Locks $199 each (maximum $595)
Fire Alarm System $349 (flat fee)
Sprinkler System $0.58
Standpipe System $349(flat fee)
Standpipe System $0.58 (minimum $349)

Mechanical Systems (stand alone) Flat Fee
Commercial Cooking Exhaust System $349

Demolition (complete or partial building - not issued under Demolition Control By-law) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Residential - single/two family dwelling and townhouses $0.44
Accessory structures to a residential use $0.44 ($150 minimum)
Non-residential and multi residential $0.44 ($373 minimum)

Plumbing Devices (stand alone) Flat Fee
Backflow Preventer - For first premise or zone device $234
Backflow Preventer - For each additional premise or zone device $150
Backwater Valve $234
Grease/Oil Interceptor $234

Renewable (Green) Energy Systems Flat Fee
Geothermal System for a Single/Two Family Dwelling $420
Geothermal System for all other Buildings $563
Solar Collector for a Single/Two Family Dwelling $234
Solar Collector for all other Buildings $420
Wind Turbine $420

Sewage Systems Flat Fee
To construct a sewage system pursuant to the provisions of the
To construct a Class 5 sewage systems or to repair a sewage
system pursuant to the provisions of the Act
Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program $228

Signs Flat Fee
Ground Sign with a sign area of less than or equal to 2.5 m2 $209
Ground Sign with a sign area of greater then 2.5 m2 and up to
4.0 m2
Ground Sign with a sign area greater than 4.0 m2 $737
Awning, Canopy, Marquee, Parapet, Projecting and Wall Signs $368
Billboard $737

Water and Sewer Permits Flat Fee
New water service $150
New sewer service $150

Other Classifications (not previously listed) Service lndex (SI) $/m2 unless otherwise indicated
Accessory structures, garage, storage shed, new basement, cold cellar, unenclosed canopies, air supported structures $5.28
Farm Buildings $2.69
Greenhouses $1.62 (maximum $5,320)
$1.75 (maximum $373)
Residential greenhouses, deck, balcony, open porch, exterior
stair, ramp, open carport
Temporary buildings, alterations/partitioning/renovations to
existing finished areas (where no building systems are being
installed or altered), relocation/moving permits, finishing a
basement in a single family dwelling
Exterior barrier free access in existing single and two family
Re-roofing without any structure changes (Except for buildings containing less than 4 dwelling units for townhouses) $0.27

Administrative Fees Flat Fee
Additional Plan Review (Resubmission)
Where a non-compliant resubmission is submitted above and beyond the first resubmission
$150 (per hour of review time)
Additional Permit Fee (Revision)
Where an applicant makes a material change to a plan, specification, document, or other information, following the
issuance of a building permit (includes first hour of review time)
For each additional hour, or part thereof, of review time - $150
Alternative Solution
Application for an Alternative Solution under Section 2.1, of
Division C, of the Building Code (up to 4 hours review
For each additional hour, or part thereof, of review time - $150
Applicable Law Review
Review and consultation for Applicable Law requirements
Building Code Compliance Letters
Written requests for information concerning a building's
compliance with the current Building Code
$150 (per hour of review time)
Change of Use
Change of use Permit with no construction
Limiting Distance Agreements
For Review and approval of Limiting Distance Agreements
under Sentence, or,
of Division B, of the Building Code
Occupancy of an Unfinished Building
Occupancy inspection prior to completion as per
Subsection 1.3.3 of Division C of the Building Code
$150 (per unit)
Permit or Application Extensions
Extension of a building permit or permit application where no revisionsare required
Building Code preliminary design consultation for
proposed designs and developments
$150 (per hour of review time)
Premature/Additional Inspections
Where an inspection request is premature and the
inspector must re-attend the site to complete the necessary
inspection, upon notice to the owner an additional fee of:
(per inspection)
Stock Plans
Review of stock plans for a new single family dwelling prior
to a complete permit application being submitted
Suspended Permit
Where an inspection is requested for a Permit that has
been suspended
(per inspection)
Transfer of Permit
Where ownership changes on a property and there are no
other changes to the project or the professional services

4. Where no new floor area is created, or where materials, systems or equipment regulated by the Code render it impossible to determine the permit fee on the basis of the classifications noted in this Schedule, the permit fee payable shall be 1% of the prescribed value as determined by the Chief Building Official under section 6 of this by-law, subject to a minimum fee as per Section 3 of this Schedule.

5. The total fees under this Schedule and Schedule "C" shall be paid prior to the issuance of the permit.

Refer to Hamilton’s Building Permit By-law 15-280 for full details about building permit fees, requirements, refunds and code of conduct.