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Property Record Search

Access to Property Records within the Building Division may be requested using the online Property Records Search Application.

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Request fee

A service fee will apply. This fee includes the search time and a limited amount of copies, additional fees may apply for larger files. The initial fee is non-refundable. Please allow a 5 to 10 business day time frame for processing.

Request Building Records

Records held by municipal governments are regulated by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). MFIPPA states that, in general, the public has a right to see most of these records and can obtain copies of them (fees may apply).

A property owner may request information for their property such as:

  • Building Permits
  • Survey/Site Plan
  • Building Plans

An application fee is required to be paid at the time of the request. Additional fees are calculated based on search time and photocopying costs. Requests to retrieve property records require proof of ownership or a letter from the owner giving the requestor permission to access the plans for a property. It is not guaranteed that the survey for the property will be in City records. 

For access to more information not mentioned above or for access information about a property in which you are not the current owner or have authorization from the current owner, you may file a Freedom of Information Request with the Office of the City Clerk.

Quality of documents

Permit submission requirements have evolved over time, and older application records are less comprehensive than modern-day submissions. Technology used to scan, and store records has improved significantly, so older records may not be of the best quality. While we will do our best to find the information you have requested, we cannot guarantee that the information/documentation you need is available.

Other ways to obtain information

  • For property survey: you can get your property surveyed or buy a survey from the Land Registry Office
  • For current or recent construction: you can use the online Building Permit search to find out if any property in Hamilton has a Building Permit or if an application is in review.  However, we cannot guarantee completely accurate results if you search by address instead of by Permit number. Only permits issued within the last 12 months are shown for addresses.