Residential Building Inspections

Property owners and contractors can start construction once their Building Permit is approved and paid for. Holding a Building Permit and completing building inspections ensures construction meets the Ontario Building Code and all other applicable laws. 

The Building Permit holder is responsible for:

  • calling to arrange inspections at the required inspection stages (see below for stages)
  • ensuring construction meets the Ontario Building Code.

Contractors can also schedule building inspections on the permit holder’s behalf. Make sure you set up your inspections on time to avoid delays.

Inspections at key stages of construction are conducted to make sure the construction has proceeded as planned and in accordance with the approved permit drawings, Ontario Building Code regulations and other relevant municipal by-laws. These inspections are mandatory and legislated by the Ontario Building Code.

Required inspection stages

When conducting inspections, building inspectors must be able to see the work that is being inspected. If you have covered anything that needs to be inspected, it may be uncovered.  You must have your Building Permits and the approved construction drawings on site for each inspection.

For most projects, you will need to schedule inspections for one or more of these required inspection stages:

  • Commencement of construction or demolition
  • Readiness to construct the footings
  • Substantial completion of footings and foundations (ex., drainage layer and weeping tile with adequate stone cover ; first storey decking or lateral support of foundation walls must be in place prior to backfilling).
  • Plumbing and drainage work, including the substantial completion of:
    • outside water supply, sanitary and storm sewer connections
    • interior underground sanitary and storm drains
    • rough-in of interior water distribution pipes and drain, waste and vent piping
    • finished plumbing systems, including all traps and cleanouts
  • Substantial completion of structural framing
  • Substantial completion of rough-in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and air-contamination extraction equipment
  • Installation of building drains and building storm drains
  • Substantial completion of insulation and vapour barriers
  • Substantial completion of air barriers
  • When applicable, commencement of construction or installation of:
    • masonry fireplaces and chimneys
    • factory built fireplaces using solid fuel and chimneys
    • solid fuel burning appliances (wood stoves) and chimneys
  • Substantial completion of interior fire separations and fire protection systems
  • Occupancy
  • Final inspection

To book an inspection, call building inspectors at 905-546-2424 ext. 3950. Your call is forwarded directly to the building inspector within your assigned geographic area. Call between 8 and 9:30 am for a better chance of having a same day inspection. Building Inspectors generally offer same day inspections, depending on seasonal fluctuations in construction activity. Building Inspectors cannot be on site at all times and do not act as site supervisors.

Final inspection: Call to book your final inspection when your project is finished. For a new home, a survey showing the location of the building on the lot, “as built”, is required.

If you need to cancel an inspection, contact your assigned building inspector as soon as possible. If work is not ready and you do not cancel a scheduled inspection before the building inspector arrives, you may have to pay additional fees.