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COVID-19: FAQ for Development Approvals

As the COVID-19 situation in Hamilton continues to evolve, these Frequently Asked Questions for Development Approvals will be regularly updated as circumstances change to provide residents and developers with current information.

As the owner, you can design your project and drawings. Libraries and home improvement stores carry books with standard details that can be referenced when creating drawings. Discuss your project with material suppliers to determine costs, sizes and spans. You can also pick up examples of drawings from the Building Division showing the acceptable level of quality for your permit application.

All drawings must be to scale and printed in ink. Original drawings in pencil are not acceptable, but photocopies of penciled drawings may be sufficient. Plans must be fully dimensioned in either metric or imperial units, but not a combination of both.

Hiring a designer

If you are not familiar with government regulations, by-laws and Ontario Building Code requirements, you may want to hire a designer instead. If your drawing and specifications are not complete or do not meet the Ontario Building Code or Hamilton’s Zoning By-law, approval for your permit will be delayed.

Designer qualifications

Most designs for Building Permits not completed by the owner require a designer registered and/or qualified under Division C, Part 3, Section 3.2 of the Ontario Building Code. A designer is anyone who is responsible for the design, which may also include preparing the drawings for submission. Check with the Building Division to find out if your project requires a qualified designer.

Phone: 905-546-2720
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Qualified designers will have a Building Code Identification Number. Associations where you can find a listing of designers include:

Before hiring a designer, you should get three or more quotes. You can verify a designer’s qualifications through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at 416-585-6666.