Building & Renovating


Tents require a Building Permit when the area of the structure exceeds 60 square metres or when the area of two or more tents exceeds 60 square metres. Two or more tents are considered a group of tents if the tents are not more than 3.0 metres apart. A tent or group of tents may not require a permit if they are:

  • Less than 60 square metres in total (aggregate) ground area;
  • Not attached to a building; and
  • Constructed more than 3.0 metres from all other structures

Note: Although a Building Permit may not be required, you must still comply with the requirements of the applicable municipal Zoning By-law.

How do I apply for a permit?

When building a deck or porch, you will be required to submit:

  1. A completed Application to Construct or Demolish (PDF, 73 KB)
  2. A Site Plan drawing identifying where the tent(s) will be located with dimensions to property lines. Information on all fences and other structures that may be present on the site, available parking spaces and location of any easements.
  3. Manufacturer’s Drawings which should be readily available to you in the package containing the tent. Please note that any tent 225 square metres or larger must be designed by a professional engineer licensed in Ontario, and as such the drawings should bear the engineer’s stamp and signature.
  4. Manufacturer’s Specifications including all fabric materials used for the tent must bear a label or other written proof must be submitted to prove the material is certified to CAN/ULC S-109 or NFPA 701.
  5. Two (2) copies of each of the drawings are required. All drawings must be to scale and printed in ink. Plans must be fully dimensioned in either metric or imperial units, but not a combination of both.
  6. Building Permit fees