Property, Gardens & Trees

Private Trees

Trees that are on private property are protected by tree protection by-laws:

  • If you live in the former City of Hamilton, you are responsible for any maintenance or damage.
  • If you live elsewhere in the City, some City trees are protected by tree protection by-laws and may require a permit for trimming or cutting down. Call Property Standards at 905-546-2424, ext. 2782 for more information.

If a branch is touching a hydro line, you should advise your hydro company.

Maintaining private trees

Neighbour disputes regarding maintenance of a private tree are considered a civil matter and the City does not get involved.

If a tree is dead, has broken branches or if you believe there is an imminent safety issue, call Property Standards at 905-546-2424 ext. 2782.

Disposing of tree trunks, branches or wood

You have three options for disposing of wood from private trees:

  1. Leave out as yard waste for curbside collection
  2. Drop off for free at a Community Recycling Centre
  3. Contact a private company if you have large branches that exceed acceptable dimensions for yard waste pick up