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Property Survey

A property survey or Surveyors Real Property Report is a dimensioned plan of a property. The survey shows:

  • lot size
  • right-of-ways
  • possible easements
  • buildings
  • garages
  • major improvements
  • other property improvements

How to get your property surveyed

If you plan to build a fence or make other improvements to your property, you need a Surveyor’s Real Property Report. You can hire a private surveying firm for this service. Find a local surveying firm through the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors.  The City Of Hamilton does not provide surveying services to the public. 

The Surveyor’s Real Property Report is prepared under contract with the property owner.  The land surveyor who performed the survey retains copyright.

Surveyor’s Real Property Reports are not retained on file in public registry systems such as the Land Registry Office at the City of Hamilton. If you are aware or suspect that your property was previously surveyed, contact the land surveyor who performed the survey.

Surveys available at the Land Registry Office

You can buy the following surveys from the Ontario Land Registry Office at the Ellen Fairclough Building, 119 King Street West, Hamilton or online at for a nominal fee.

Registered Plans of Subdivision are the plans approved under the Planning Act that create lots that conform with zoning. Modern subdivision plans will show lot dimensions and survey "monumentation" (bars) but do not show buildings or other improvements on the property.

Reference Plans are essentially plans of survey that are "deposited" in the Land Registry Office.  They are used to show parcels of land, or "parts". The "parts" may or may not represent lots. Similar to Plans of Subdivision, Reference Plans show property dimensions and survey monumentation.  They may show the location of fences in relation to the boundaries but usually do not show buildings or other improvements on the property.