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Satellite City - Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation

The Satellite City sanitary trunk sewer is a critical sewage pipeline that services a large portion of the East Hamilton/Stoney Creek Mountain. Constructed in 1974 this 900mm, 8m deep, reinforced concrete pipe extends from Mud Street west, through Hamilton Conservation Authority lands (Felker’s Falls), the Niagara escarpment and Bruce Trail before reaching Quigley Rd.

Project details

Due to high levels of H2S corrosion (Hydrogen Sulphide – a commonly occurring gas in sanitary sewers) accelerated degradation of the pipe continues to occur, significantly reducing its expected life span.

With the urgent need to stop or slow damage to the pipe and consideration for the sensitive surrounding areas, the City of Hamilton has expedited a minimal impact, sewer rehabilitation project slated to take place in Fall 2021.

In order to complete this work:

  • Construction of temporary access roads and tree trimming/removal within the alignment:
    • From Thornbury Court – North approx. 500m towards escarpment edge (Felker’s Falls)
    • From 500 Quigley Rd – South approx. 60m towards escarpment base (Felker’s Falls)
    • From Quigley Rd – North approx. 115m along Davis Creek
    • From Greenhill Ave – South approx. 90m along Davis Creek
  • Limited excavations to widen existing maintenance holes
  • Periodic restrictions/closures of paths and trails during construction process

Location: Stoney Creek Mountain/Stoney Creek (Mud St W to Quigley Rd) Wards 5 & 9

Project status: Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is currently underway – 75% complete

How the project is implemented

  • Phase 1: Tree cutting during the permitted window (Oct 1 to March 31) within the limits of the proposed temporary access road - Winter 2020/2021
  • Phase 2: Grading of land, excavation and widening of existing maintenance holes, installation of temporary access road and required tree protection and fencing - Summer 2021
  • Phase 3: Installation of bypass pumping (temporary sewage conveyance system) and rehabilitation of sewers and maintenance holes - Fall/Winter 2021
  • Phase 4: Restoration of site - Spring/Summer 2022

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