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Survey Markings on Your Property

Coloured markings on or in front of your property notify of underground facilities. They are most likely there because:

  • You or your neighbour requested locates through Ontario One Call before starting a construction project. You may want to ask your neighbours whether they are doing any work, such as installing a fence or an in-ground sprinkler system. 
  • The City is planning to repair water and sewer lines or rebuild roads or sidewalks. Check the to see if a City project is underway in your area.
  • A utility company is planning to dig to repair or upgrade their lines.

Ontario One Call locate paint coding

If the City is not doing work on or in front of your property, you can contact your utility company directly for more information:

Red Electricity

For Hamilton, Dundas or Stoney Creek:
Contact Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) at 905-522-9200

For Ancaster, Glanbrook or Flamborough:
Contact Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376
Yellow Gas
Contact Union Gas at 1-888-774-3111


Contact your cable and telephone service providers
Blue Water  
Green Sewer
Storm Drain
Pink Temporary survey markings  
White Proposed evacuation  

Ontario One Call does not disclose information about locates they have done.