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Vacant Buildings Registry

Hamilton’s Vacant Building Registry By-law No. 17-127 (PDF, 315 KB) requires property owners to register vacant buildings each year. For a building to be considered vacant, it needs to be unoccupied for more than 90 consecutive days.

As a vacant building owner, it is your responsibility to:

  • Register the building after 90 days of becoming vacant or within 30 days after notice from the city.
  • Comply with property use by-laws, regulations and statutes.
  • Post at least one sign with the owner's name and contact number if there are 4 or more units. Sign should be readable from all adjacent streets. Information should be in black letters on a white background.

To register your vacant building, complete the application form (PDF, 18 KB) and submit:

In person to:
Municipal Law Enforcement
Hamilton City Centre, 77 James Street North
Main Floor, Suite 250
Hamilton, Ontario, L8R 2K3
Phone: 905-546-2782
We accept cash, cheque, debit, VISA or MasterCard.

By mail to:
City Hall
Municipal Law Enforcement
71 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5
We only accept cheque or money order by mail. Payable to the City of Hamilton.

Fee: $1,115 (initial administration fee $291 + the yearly inspection fee $729.20 + HST($94.80)).

The yearly registration will initiate four exterior building inspections to ensure there are no by-law violations.

A renewal notice and application will be sent to all registered owners 30 days before expiry.

Vacant building inspections

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers proactively inspect vacant buildings at least 4 times a year and will enforce by-law violations. Failure to comply with all directions of the by-law will result in fines of $10,000 for an individual and $50,000 for a corporation upon first conviction and fee for Inspection costs.