Due Dates and Penalties

Potential Postal Disruption

In the event of a postal disruption, you are still responsible to ensure your property tax payments are received by the due date. Penalty and interest charges will apply for payments received or postmarked after the due date.

There are several convenient payment options available:

  • At most banks or financial institutions in person, at the automated teller machine (ATM), or through their internet or telephone banking. Retain your receipt.
    Note: Property roll numbers are assigned to the property, not the property owner. Please ensure that the bank and online banking information reflects your correct 11-digit roll number to avoid payments being applied to the incorrect property. You will be charged a fee to correct a misapplied payment.
  • By mail. Please make cheques payable to the City of Hamilton and mail your payment to:
    • City of Hamilton
      Corporate Services Department, Taxation Section
      71 Main St. West
      PO Box 2040 STN LCD 1
      Hamilton, ON
      L8N 0A3
  • In person at Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main Street West or at your local Municipal Service Centres in Ancaster, Dundas (closed Fridays), Flamborough (closed Fridays), Glanbrook and Stoney Creek from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. After hours drop boxes are available at these locations.
  • Joining one of our five convenient pre-authorized payment plans, for which there is no fee to join.

Please visit www.hamilton.ca/tax for more detailed information.

Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve taxpayers of their obligation. If you have any questions about your property tax bill, or if you did not receive your tax bill, please call 905-546-2489 (if calling from Campbellville 905-634-2971) or email taxsupport@hamilton.ca

The City of Hamilton mails property tax bills twice per year. You receive one tax bill each time in the mail that contains two payment stubs:

  • The interim bill is mailed in early February with two installments due for those who pay by the installment due dates:
    • Installment one is due by the last working day in February
    • Installment two is due by the last working day in April

We do not send interim bills to residents on the Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment plans. If you are on this plan, we will advise you of your new monthly payment amount in December.

If you pay your taxes through your mortgage, you will not be sent an interim bill.

All taxpayers will receive the Final Tax Bill/Notice once City Council has approved the yearly budget.

For taxpayers on a monthly plan they will be advised of their new monthly amount on the Notice. For taxpayers paying by a mortgage company the notice is for their records and their mortgage company will again be sent an electronic file to pay on their behalf. For taxpayers who pay by the instalment due dates the following applies:

  • The final bill/notice is mailed in early June with two installments due:
    • Final bill installment one is due by the last working day in June
    • Final bill installment two is due by the last working day in September

Penalties and interest charges

When paying by mail, through a bank or in person, you assume the responsibility if your payment arrives late. The post-mark date or bank stamp will be honoured in the event of payments received in our office after the due date. Penalties are charged for payments received after the due date.

The current penalty charge is 1.25% per month or 15.00% per year. Penalties are charged on unpaid taxes on the first day of default.

The current interest charge is 1.25% per month or 15.00% per year. Interest for each month or fraction thereof is added on the first day of each calendar month to all taxes past due, until the taxes are paid.

Payments received on properties that are in arrears have their payment applied first to the oldest years’ penalties and interest, then to the oldest years’ principle taxes, then to the oldest years’ other charges (i.e., other charges that were added to taxes such as water arrears or property stands charges).