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Property Tax Assistance Program

On April 8, Hamilton City Council approved the implementation of a temporary Property Tax Assistance Program to help ease the financial impacts on Hamilton taxpayers due to COVID-19. While 2020 property tax instalment due dates remain unchanged, the City is offering some flexibility on penalties and interest for those who are not able to pay by the April and June due dates. Learn more about the program

The City of Hamilton is committed to keeping residents informed on property tax issues. To promote greater understanding of the subject, the City offers a variety of tax tools and information to help you:

Receiving your property tax bill

There are two ways to receive your property tax bill:

By mail

  • An interim tax bill is mailed out in early February with instalments due the:
    • Last business day of February and April
  • A final tax bill is mailed out in early June with instalments due the:
    • Last business day of June and September

Electronically through ePost

The City of Hamilton and Canada Post have teamed up to offer electronic delivery of property tax bills through ePost.

The benefits of receiving your tax bill electronically are:

  • It is free
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is secure and private
  • Bills can be stored and retrieved for up to seven years
  • You have access anywhere, anytime, to your tax bills

Sign up online at your bank or to receive future tax bills electronically.