Rental Properties

Smoke Alarms in Residential Rental Units

The Ontario Fire Code requires that smoke alarms be installed on all floor levels and outside of sleeping areas in homes. Smoke alarms provide the earliest warning of fire.

Landlord responsibilities

Your landlord is responsible for:

  • installing smoke alarms
  • keeping smoke alarms in working condition, including testing, repairs and replacement
  • correcting any problems or concerns you report about your smoke alarm

Tenant responsibilities

The tenant is responsible for notifying the landlord when:

  • a smoke alarm in the unit has been disconnected
  • a smoke alarm in the unit is not operational
  • the operation of a smoke alarm has been impaired

Call us at 905-546-2424 ext. 1380 if you have questions about smoke alarms or other fire safety issues in your building.

Disabling a smoke alarm

If you intentionally disable a smoke alarm, you are guilty of a provincial offence and may be subject to a fine as per the Ontario Fire Code.