Rental Properties

Tenant & Housing Contacts

Here are some resources for tenants who are dealing with housing issues.

Community Legal Education Ontario
Provides resources that describe laws to help clients with legal problems.
Phone: 416-408-4420

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
Provides free legal services and assistance for landlord and tenant matters.
Phone: 905-527-4572

Hamilton’s Tenant Helpline
Offers free information and assistance about rights and responsibilities of tenants.
Phone: 905-526-8100
[email protected]

Landlord and Tenant Board
The Landlord and Tenant Board resolves disputes between residential landlords and tenants. It also educates landlords and tenants about the rights and obligations each has under the Residential Tenancies Act.
Phone: 1-888-332-3234

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing investigates and enforces rental issues.
Phone: 1-888-772-9277