Water & Sewer

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

As part of a pilot project, Hamilton Water is transitioning Carlisle from a manual water meter reading system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This reliable and proven technology will allow us to provide more accurate reads, better customer service and support our water conservation efforts in the Carlisle community.

AMI equipment

AMI System

The system consist of a small, low-power radio frequency transmitter connected to your water meter that sends readings to a network of receivers throughout the system. These receivers provide all relevant billing information and eliminate the need for Water Meter Readers to go door to door on a regular basis to manually take a meter reading. The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system provides automatic meter reading as well as more accurate and responsive water consumption information to assist the City and customers in managing water use.

How it works

A small meter interface unit (MIU) is installed on the outside of the house, replacing the old touch pad. It is connected to the water meter register located on your water meter and transmits a low-power radio frequency signal to a data collector which relays the information to the City of Hamilton’s host software and then onto Alectra Utilities Corporation.

Illustration of house

Your home meter interface unit

Illustration of water tower

Carlisle Water Tower data collector

Illustration of a computer

City of Hamilton host software

Illustration of office building

Alectra Utilities Corporation billing information


Is my information safe?

Yes. There is no personal data transmitted, only the meter read and the transmitter number. Once received by Alectra Utilities Corporation, this data is paired with your billing account information and processed to create your bill.

Why is the metering system in Carlisle being changed?

The water metering system in Carlisle is being upgraded as part of a pilot project for the City of Hamilton in an effort to continually improve our water system. The new automated system is more efficient and will eliminate the need for manual meter reading. This system will also assist in water conservation efforts in the Carlisle community.

What are the benefits of the AMI system?

Upgrading to the AMI system will:

  • Allow your meter to be read remotely
  • Improve customer service by providing timely data should reading/billing issues arise
  • Allow for multiple meter reads daily, instead of once every month
  • Help to identify abnormal water use

Is the AMI technology safe?

Yes. The Meter Interface Unit (MIU) transmits a signal for only a few micro seconds at a time, throughout the day. The radio frequency that is transmitted is significantly less than most other devices that you may have in your home. These can include wireless routers, laptop computers, televisions and cell phones. Radio frequency exposure is very low, much like that of AM or FM radio broadcast signals. For more technical information on the Meter Interface Units that are being installed please read the Neptune Technology Group’s product literature.

You can also find information on smart meters and your health on the Government of Canada webpage.

How many of these units have been installed for residential applications?

The device being installed at your home is the Neptune R900, which has been in production since 1999. Over 9 million of these devices are deployed on water meters today, throughout North America.

Will the radio signal interfere with my other radio frequency electronics?

The transmitting devices operate in compliance with FCC 47 CFR Part 15 regulations, which require coexistence with other Part 15 certified devices. Over the last 13 years, there have been no documented cases where the R900 devices have interfered with third-party devices.

How do I read my water meter?

Photo of a closed water readerPhoto of an open water reader with LCD display showing

Alectra Utilities Corporation (formerly Horizon Utilities Corporation) staff will read your meter for billing purposes, but should you wish to monitor your own consumption, here’s how:

  • Continually shine a flashlight over the solar panel (located on the register) to activate the LCD display
  • Take a reading at a set time of the day
  • Take a second reading at the same time the next day
  • The difference between the two readings is your daily water consumption

Note: When the register display is first activated with a flashlight, all icons will be briefly displayed followed by internal software information. The register display will then toggle (every 8 seconds) displaying the meter reading - measured in cubic meters (m3) - and then the flow rate. The flow rate is measured in litres per minute (LPM). When the display indicates “RATE”, the flow rate is being displayed. The last 4 digits of the reading are decimal points.

Photo of the LCD display on a water meter reading

Leak indicator

Circled in yellow on the left

  • Off – indicates no leaks
  • Flashing – water usage for more than 50% of the time
  • Continuous on – there is most likely a leak in your home

Flow indicator

Circled in red on the right

  • On – water in use
  • Off – water not in use
  • Flashing – water is running slowly
  • (-) – indicates reverse flow
  • (+) – indicates forward flow