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Like many older North American municipalities, Hamilton is dealing with the issue of items being flushed down the toilet that should not be. Flushing inappropriate items is leading to the damage of homes, neighbourhoods, the wastewater treatment system and even Hamilton Harbour. The City has created the Own Your Throne campaign to help educate residents of the impact caused by flushing items that should never be flushed. The only things that should be flushed are pee, poo and toilet paper.

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Only Flush the 3Ps Down Your Toilet

Don't treat your toilet like a garbage can! The only materials that are properly treated and break down safely within the wastewater system are pee, poo and toilet paper. When you flush other items, such as feminine products, wipes, dental floss or even hair, these items can create clogs in your own pipes, pipes in your neighbourhood and the wastewater system.

Protecting the environment and the wastewater system

Learn more about the damage flushables can do to the harbour, infrastructure, your home and neighbourhood. By only flushing the 3Ps down your toilet - pee, poo and toilet paper - you can ensure that you are doing your part to:

The Unflushables: Items that Aren’t Safe to Flush

Though it may be convenient to flush other bathroom items down the toilet when you don't need them anymore, doing so only creates clogs and damage. It is important to know that you cannot flush these items (or anything other than pee, poo and toilet paper) down the toilet:

  • Hair
  • Floss
  • Pills
  • Paper towels
  • Cigarette butts
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Fabric items
  • Tissues or napkins
  • Food waste
  • Deceased goldfish or pets
  • Cat litter
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Diapers
  • Tampons and applicators
  • Wipes of any kind, including those that claim to be “flushable”


Always keep a waste bin by your toilet to easily dispose of items that should never be flushed.

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