Water & Sewer

Pollution Prevention

Help take care of the environment, your household plumbing and City infrastructure. Talk about the increasing frequency of major storms and the stress they put on our system as well as the consequences (more flooding etc). Need to take care of your household plumbing to save damage and costly repairs, city infrastructure to ensure that it can work properly and the environment by not releasing harmful chemicals and waste. Need to be properly disposed of.

Catch Basin and Street Drain Use

Catch basins are drains located along the curbside that collect rain water, melted snow and other water runoff. It is important that they are kept clear and free from debris in order to perform as intended. Most lead directly to our local creeks and lakes without any treatment so please keep all garbage, pet waste, chemicals and other pollutants out of the catch basins. 

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Downspout Disconnection

Downspouts are vertical pipes that direct the rainwater collected in the gutters from your roof down the side of your house. They either connect to a stormwater pipe, which leads to the City stormwater sewers or are left open and directed away from your foundation in order to deal with rain water naturally. If your downspouts are connected, consider disconnecting them. This is better for the environment and helps prevent flooding by reducing the stress on City infrastructure. The process is simple, and we can help. The City of Hamilton currently has a grant program and list of pre-qualified contractors to assist eligible residents in disconnecting their downspouts.

Learn more about disconnecting your downspouts and the City grant program.

Emptying Your Pool

Ensure that you are maintaining your swimming pools and hot tubs in compliance with the City’s Sewer Use By law to ensure that harsh pool chemicals aren’t allowed to enter the storm sewers and contaminate our waterways.

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Household Fats, Oil and Grease

Always cool, wipe and toss your fats, oil and grease in the green bin, never down sink drains or toilets. Fats, oil and grease can block your sewer pipe which can lead to expensive repairs to your home. They can also accumulate in the City sewer pipes, preventing the flow of wastewater resulting in sewer back-ups in your neighborhood. Scrape grease and food scraps off your plates and place them in your green bin.

Learn more about Fats, Oil & Grease and how to properly dispose of them.

Only flush the 3Ps – Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper

The only materials that are properly treated and break down safely within the wastewater system are pee, poo and toilet paper. When you flush other items, such as feminine products, wipes, dental floss or even hair, these items can create clogs in your own pipes, pipes in your neighbourhood, the wastewater system and even impact Hamilton Harbour. Don't treat your toilet like a garbage can! The only things that should be flushed are the 3Ps -- Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper. Meet the 3P Heroes and learn more here.

Learn more about Flushables.

Spills to the Sewer

Spills can come in all shapes and sizes. from industries, businesses and even households.

Any material entering catch basins, sewers or the ground may discharge into local creeks and waterways untreated. This could create public health and safety concerns as well as flooding in the area. If you see someone disposing dirty liquid, any other suspicious material, or if you notice an offensive odour coming from the City of Hamilton’s sewer system, please report it.

Learn more about Spills to the Sewer and how to report them.