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Rain Barrel Sale

2022 Rain Barrel Sale is now CLOSED.

The 2022 City of Hamilton Rain Barrel Sale is now over. Please check back in April 2023 for information on the next sale. If you are still interested in purchasing a barrel, please visit Green Venture’s sale as they may have other barrels available. The sale site can be accessed at www.rainbarrel.ca/greenventure

Rain barrel details

  • Model: Sandstone Rain Barrel (pictured)
  • Cost: $75 per barrel (taxes included + free shipping)
  • Size: Approximately 23” wide by 38” tall
  • Weight: Approximately 24lbs (empty)
  • Capacity: 240 litres / 60 gallons

Each Rain Barrel includes:

  • Leaf and mosquito filter basket
  • Overflow adapter and hose that allows multiple barrels to be connected in series
  • Spigot

Additional accessories can be purchased at a cost.

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City of Hamilton rain barrel sale 2021 - sandstone model

Why are you having the sale?

Rain Barrels are a good way for residents to capture water to be used in gardens and other outdoor uses that normally would go into the sewer. Rain Barrels also help with storm water management by removing the load on the sewer systems during a heavy rainfall.

What is the type of rain barrel being sold?

The brand is called Sandstone Rain Barrel 240L / 60 Gallon. It is a 1 piece, brand new rain barrel.

Can the lid be removed?

No, the lid is part of the barrel’s construction. The leaf and mosquito filter basket can be removed. 

What colours are available?

The only colour available for this sale is sandstone (pictured). 

How much does it hold and what are its dimensions?

The Rain Barrel holds 240L / 60 Gallons and is approximately 38” in height with a 23” diameter.

Can multiple rain barrels be linked to each other?

Yes, they can by connecting the overflow hose to another barrel. 

What happens if we get more rain than the barrel can hold?

The overflow hose will direct any overflow away from your house. You can also buy multiple barrels and connect them together to capture more water during rain events.

How do I store my rain barrel in winter?

The barrel should be completely emptied and stored in a garage if possible. If it is left outside make sure it is fully emptied, the tap is open and the top is covered to prevent water from entering or it can be turned up side down for the winter.

What are the geographical boundaries for home delivery?

The home delivery option is available to all residents with an address within the amalgamated City of Hamilton.

Why is home delivery the only option?

Home delivery is the only option this year due to uncertainty around COVID-19. By having home delivery we could continue with the sale this year and still offer residents rain barrels at a discounted cost.

If home delivery is the only option, why is there a delivery fee?

Deliveries are coordinated by rainbarrel.ca and there is no additional fee for delivery.

Why is my email required at check-out?

The email address is used to send a payment confirmation and may be used to contact you if there is an issue with your delivery.

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