Water & Sewer

Residential Protective Plumbing Loan Program

On October 28, 2009, City Council approved a loan program for a maximum of $2,000 to assist with eligible costs in addition to the Protective Plumbing program grant.

Eligible improvements

The Residential Protective Plumbing loan can be used for the following improvements:

  • Installation of a backwater valve
  • New sump pump and pit installation in conjunction with installation of a backwater valve
  • Disconnection of downspouts

Loans may be available to cover all applicable estimated costs of undertaking protective plumbing improvements. Loans will not be available to cover any other associated costs.  (eg., repaving an entire driveway, restoring landscaped yards, other work deemed unnecessary for the installation of protective plumbing measures).

Example of a Backwater value

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for the loan:

  • You are the property owner
  • All work performed must be by a licensed contractor, with a license number provided on receipts
  • All property taxes must be current when you apply for the loan and when the loan is paid
  • You must complete and sign the Commitment Letter
  • You must meet all conditions of this program

This program is for residential property owners only. Industrial, institutional or commercial enterprises are not eligible.

Availability and approval of loans is subject to availability of funding at any given time, as determined by Council.

The loan, if approved, will only be paid to the property owner when:

  • the City receives invoices for completed work
  • the City inspection of the completed work under the water service replacement permit is done  (link to building permits)

The loan interest rate is 2.75 % for the full term.

Loan approvals are subject to the availability of funding at any given time, as determined by Council. Loan applications are processed in chronological order based on the date we receive the application. 

Loan repayment

You must repay the loan plus interest through taxes, as set out in the agreement you sign. Full repayment, including interest, can be made at any time without penalty.


The loan is added to the property owners tax roll. Loans are noted on the next tax roll. 

To apply for a Protective Plumbing loan, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Residential Protective Plumbing Loan Application Form (PDF, 74 KB). Every person registered on title as the owner of the property must sign the application form.  Mail or submit your application form in person to:
    City of Hamilton
    Protective Plumbing Program
    330 Wentworth Street North
    Hamilton, Ontario L8L 5W2
  1. Wait for an approval letter to come in the mail, indicating the amount of your loan.  You will also receive a Commitment Letter.
  1. Complete the Commitment Letter and send the original copy to:
    City of Hamilton
    Finance and Administration
    Environment and Sustainable Infrastructure
    77 James Street North, Suite 400
    Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K3
  1. You or the contractor must apply for and obtain any necessary permits before you begin the work. If you do not have the required permits before you start the improvements, your loan will be cancelled.

  2. Have your contractor complete the improvements.

    A licensed plumber or sewer drain contractor licensed to work in the city of Hamilton must complete the work.
  3. Schedule an inspection with city staff at 905-546-3950  if you had a backwater valve or sump pump installed. If you do not have an inspection, your loan will be cancelled.
  4. Submit the final invoice from the contractor within 12 months of receiving the loan approval. The invoice must show the amount due for the work, materials and equipment related to the improvements.

    If you submit the invoice more than 12 months after your loan approval, you will not receive the loan. We will not give a loan in excess of the approximate loan amount up to a maximum of $2,000, even if the final invoice is greater than the approximate loan amount.
  5. The City will pay either the invoice amount submitted by the contractor or the amount of the approximate loan up to a maximum of $2,000.