Water & Sewer

Service Line Warranty Program

The City of Hamilton, in conjunction with Service Line Warranties of Canada, also known as SLWC, offers an optional Service Line Warranty program to homeowners. Hamilton is the first city in Ontario to provide water and sewer line warranties through SLWC. 

Participation is optional and voluntary for homeowners in Hamilton.

Did you know

As a homeowner you are responsible for the water and sewer service lines that run from outside your home to the public main. When your service line breaks, leaks or clogs, the repair could cost thousands of dollars - hard on a budget! Homeowner policies do not cover these repair costs.

Who is Service Line Warranties of Canada?

  • Service Line Warranties of Canada or SLWC is a private company that provides optional water and/or wastewater warranty plans to homeowners.
  • SLWC is an accredited Better Business Bureau organization that has maintained an A+ rating.
  • SLWC’s program was established through the City’s procurement process and approved by Hamilton City Council.

Why has the City of Hamilton chosen to work with SLWC to offer warranty plans?

  • To educate residential property owners about their responsibilities for the maintenance, repair and replacement of water and sewer service lines (portion from their homes to the property line) – at no cost to the City.
  • To make available to residents optional affordable protection unexpected costs of repairing or replacing non-functioning water and services lines, as well as, broken interior plumbing and drainage systems.
  • The City can be assured that all repairs are performed to code and that all appropriate permitting is pulled. Additionally, SLWC only uses qualified local contractors so repair dollars stay within the community helping the local economy.
  • Reduce expense to property owners and the City because the Plans encourage residents to report water and sewer leaks in a timely manner. Timely water line repairs conserve water and reduce water loss for the City. Timely sewer line repairs minimize wastewater pollution helping the environment.
  • Other cost savings for the City expected with fewer calls and involvement of City personnel regarding infrastructure that is the responsibility of property owners.
  • SLWC does offer the City itself compensation for allowing the use of the City logo on the warranty offering letters that homeowners receive. The support of the City alerts residents of the legitimacy of the program resulting in more enrolments, which in turn allows SLWC to offer the warranties at lower prices to residents because of the increased participation. The revenue the City receives helps to keep Hamilton’s water and wastewater/storm rates among the lowest in Ontario.

Is this a City program?

This is not a City program, but rather SLWC is a program partner. As such, SLWC is solely responsible for the administration and service of the warranty programs. The Program was developed through the City’s procurement process.

A homeowner, who chooses to enrol in this Program, should do so with the understanding that the City in no way warrants or is liable for the work or performance of SLWC. The City wishes to make residents aware of the availability of this product since water and sewer line repairs can be very expensive.

“I encourage residents to take the opportunity to consider enrolling in this program as many were directly impacted by the negative effects of frozen water lines this past winter”, said Mike Zegarac, General Manager, Finance and Corporate Services with the City of Hamilton. “Accessing warranty protection will assist residents who may become inconvenienced and experience difficulties with their water lines due to severe cold weather potentially causing pipes to freeze and prevent running water service to their homes”. 

Did the City provide customer info for the marketing letters?

The City (nor Alectra Utilities) did not sell or otherwise provide resident names or addresses as part of this program.  SLWC purchased from a third party a list of city residents and pays for all aspects of the program including marketing, customer service and repairs.

To remove your information from the next mailing:
Phone: 905-546-2489
Email: [email protected]

Program details

The Service Line Warranty program provides water and sewer service line warranties to cover repair costs to the private portion of the service lines. These warranty plans include:

  • Water line warranty - Covers the cost of repairing broken or leaking outside water lines
  • Sewer/Septic line warranty - Covers the cost of repairing broken, leaking or clogged outside sewer/septic lines
  • In-home plumbing & drainage warranty - Covers the cost of broken or leaking water or sewer lines inside the house, including drain lines connected to the main sewer stack. This does not cover faucets or fixtures, venting issues or gas lines.

Water line warranty

$6* per month or $72* annual fee

  • Covers repair costs to restore flow to frozen, leaking or broken water lines located outside the home to the property line.
  • Up to $5,000 coverage per repair incident.


* Plus applicable sales tax.

Sewer/Septic line warranty

$8* per month or $96* annual fee

  • Covers repair costs to restore flow to frozen, leaking, broken or clogged sewer laterals located outside the home to the property line.
  • Up to $8,000 coverage per repair incident.

* Plus applicable sales tax.

In-home plumbing repair

$9* per month or $108* annual fee

  • Covers cost of repairs to clogged, leaking or broken water and sewer lines inside the home, including drain lines connected to the main sewer stack.
  • Up to $3,000 coverage per repair occurrence.

* Plus applicable sales tax.

One phone call to SLWC and a local, licensed, reputable plumber will make the repair to your satisfaction and according to local permitting requirements and the Ontario Building Code.

Are the warranty plans considered insurance?

The Plans are a warranty service plan offered by SLWC as an independent private provider. Although the Plans use terms like deductible, coverage and exclusions the Plans are not insurance, but a contract pledge to arrange a contractor to repair your service lines.

Ask your insurance provider if your policy covers repairs to water and sewer line systems. If your policy does not cover water or sewer utility lines, consider the Service Line Warranty program.

How to sign up

To sign up or get more details about the program contact: 

Service Line Warranties of Canada
Phone: 1-866-922-9004
Website: www.slwofc.ca