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The Water Smart Irrigation Professionals Certified Contractor Sprinkler Check-Up - July 2016

This program has begun in Carlisle and allows residents on the municipal water system to have a free assessment of their automatic sprinkler system. Our goal is to help reduce summer water consumption by getting the best out of your sprinkler system while maintaining your landscape at a high standard. 
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New Roadside Signs - July 2016

There is now a 3-sided sign on the northwest corner of Centre Road and Carlisle Road (right near the TD Bank). This sign will indicate the current outdoor watering restrictions for Carlisle residents. Following the restrictions indicated on the sign and website will help us stay under the daily maximum water usage of 1,170 cubic meters as stated in our goal.
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Introduction Letter - July 2016

A letter was sent to all Carlisle residents the week of July 4th. This letter explained the current situation, the goal, historical water usage in Carlisle, and introduced the Carlisle Conservation Committee C3 and what every resident should be doing to help.
View a copy of the letter (PDF, 255 KB)

Central Irrigation Controller Pilot Project - June 2016

A central irrigation controller is a smart irrigation controller which is controlled by weather data and modified by you Irrigation Professional remotely.  This is done all by remote connection so even when you’re away during the summer, your Irrigation Professional can manage the system to ensure that water is not being wasted and applied properly to each zone of your property. There are currently 2 participating homes that have volunteered to be a part of this pilot project. If you are interested in being a part of this pilot project, live in Carlisle, you’re on the municipal water system and have an automatic sprinkler system, please contact Chris Wilson at 905-546-2424 ext.2901.

Carlisle United Church Festival - May 14, 2016

It was a great event with over 500 people who showed up to enjoy the lovely chicken dinner, auction and live music!  Representatives from the C3 committee attended to provide information about the C3 and the current program.  An information display was setup; representatives talked with residents about their water usage, sprinkler systems and the need to conserve water as well as provided information pieces for the attendees to take home.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Greening Project - Started in May 2016

The Carlisle Conservation Committee (C3) has teamed up with the staff and students of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School to launch a water-saving school greening initiative. This project is part of the Carlisle Conservation Committee’s overall water conservation effort in Carlisle and will see the school’s traditional gardens transform into water-saving Fusion Gardens. 
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