Water & Sewer

Water Rates

The Water, Wastewater and Stormwater program is self-sustaining . Revenue comes from billing residents for water use.

You are charged for water use based on your water meter reading.  You receive a bill for your water use from the City’s billing agent, Alectra Utilities. If you have questions regarding your water bill or payment options, contact Alectra Utilities, Billing at 1-833-253-2872 or visit Alectra Utilities.

When ownership of property is transferred, the buyer’s real estate lawyer must contact Alectra Utilities at 1-833-253-2872 to:

  • provide the relevant property transfer information
  • request a final actual water meter reading, not an estimate

This ensures all parties are aware of any outstanding water and wastewater charges and/or compliance issues with Hamilton’s Water Works By-law No. R84-026, such as the replacement of obsolete equipment.­

If a final water meter reading is not obtained, all ou­­­tstanding charges and compliance issues with Hamilton’s Water Works By-law No. R84-026 are transferred with the property and become the new property owner’s responsibility.

Current Water, Wastewater and Stormwater rates

For the current water, wastewater and stormwater rates please visit Alectra Utilities

Information on the Water and Wastewater Service User Fees can be found here

How do we compare to other municipalities?

Hamilton’s water and wastewater/storm rates are among the lowest in Ontario. Hamilton has the second lowest water costs at $722 for 200 m3/year amongst the cities in our region as shown below:


Why do rates keep increasing?

Water and wastewater budgets contain fixed costs that do not change in direct proportion to water consumption. The cost to distribute, collect and treat municipal water and wastewater throughout the City remains relatively constant, regardless of the volume actually consumed by all residents.

The largest portion of your bill is used for capital renewal and expansion of the City’s overall water/wastewater/stormwater infrastructure that has a replacement value of $10 billion. Aging City infrastructure becomes more costly to operate, maintain and replace with over 20% of the City’s water and sewer mains being more than 80 years old.