Water & Sewer

Water Service Line

The pipe that extends from your home to the water main in the street is called the water service line or alternately the water service pipe. You own the water service pipe from inside your home to the property line. The City owns and maintains the water pipe from the property line to the water main.

Replacement of public and private water service pipes

Replacing old water service pipes that are undersized usually increases water flow and removes service pipe materials that are no longer acceptable such as lead and lead alloy. Lead is a known toxic metal.  The City of Hamilton Hamilton has implemented a Corrosion Control Program to help protect residents from potential lead exposure in drinking water where lead water pipes, lead based fixtures and lead solder are present.

Schedule a Check Size and Type Inspection

A Check Size and Type Inspection helps you determine the size and type of the pipe that is used to provide your water service. Call 905-546-2489 to schedule an inspection.

Water service line replacement

If you have a lead or undersized water pipe and want to upgrade it, you can upgrade it at your own expense.  A $2500 interest-bearing loan opportunity exists from the City of Hamilton for property owners who would like to replace their lead water line. The loan with interest, will be transferred to the owner’s Alectra's water bill for up to a maximum ten-year repayment period.  The current loan interest rate for 2020 is 2.89%. Once you’ve completed the water pipe upgrade, the City will replace the public section of the water service pipe from the property line to the water main.


  • Replace or install a new private water service (copper or plastic).
  • Remove all plumbing interconnections between your property and neighbouring property when it is a shared service.
  • Replace and inspect the private service before the City replaces the public service.