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Water Smart Irrigation Professionals (WSIP) are trained and certified irrigation contractors that can provide water smart sprinkler system efficiency and maintenance services. The WSIP program was created by Landscape Ontario in partnership with local municipalities in an effort to increase water efficient irrigation practices and sprinkler system optimization.

What is a Sprinkler System Check-Up?

A WSIP contractor will visit your property and complete a full assessment of your automatic sprinkler system. This is a free service to all Carlisle homeowners that are on the municipal water system and who have an automatic sprinkler system. Our goal with this program is to help reduce summer water consumption by getting the best out of your sprinkler system while maintaining your landscape at a high standard. 

What they do

  • Collect information based on the different zones of your system
  • Identify leaks
  • Calculate optimal run times for each zone and overall system use
  • Create a customized watering schedule tailored to your specific landscape needs
  • Give you a report that highlights efficiency recommendations, potential savings and return on investment for new equipment
  • There is no obligation on your part to purchase new equipment
  • Once completed you will be given a lawn sign to show that you are doing your part to help Carlisle conserve water

What are the benefits?

  • Ensure that your system is running optimally, without compromising the look or health of your landscape
  • Help reduce water waste
  • Potential cost savings by reducing your water consumption
  • Improve the health of your landscape
  • Free to Carlisle homeowners on the municipal water system with an automatic sprinkler system

No obligations

  • The check up and report are there to supply you with information about your system and recommendations only.
  • You are under no obligation to make any of the changes suggested by the report.
  • It is your choice to complete some, all or none of the recommendations after the check up.
  • You can use the irrigation contractor of your choice to make any of the recommended changes, it does not need to be the same contractor that completed the check up.
  • You do not have to purchase new equipment.

Make sure that your irrigation contractor is WSIP certified

Only certified irrigation contractors can provide a WSIP check-up. For more information on the WSIP program, visit Landscape Ontario.

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