Accessible Transit

Accessible Transit

Person in a wheelchair being helped into a vehicle

Service at a Glance

Am I eligible for ATS?

Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) are intended for persons with physical or functional disabilities or health conditions who are unable to access fixed-route public transit.

Eligibility is considered on a case-by-case basis and is not based on a particular disability, or income level.

Types of access granted for DART and Taxi Scrip use:

  • Unconditional
  • Conditional (Seasonal or Trip by Trip)
  • Temporary
Do I need to have a disability to use an ALF bus?

No, Accessible Low Floor (ALF) buses are easy to use for everyone, especially for those people who have difficulty climbing stairs.  

They have ramps that provide level entry and exit with no steps, and can accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and walkers as well as bicycles, strollers and buggies.

How can I make reservations for DARTS?

Eligible DARTS customers may make reservations up to seven (7) days in advance of a trip by calling:

  • 905-529-1717 & Press “0”
  • Registered DARTS Web customers can make reservations, check and cancel trip times online
Are you always late or cancelling your ATS-DARTS service?

You may be issued an advisory letter and subject to action* if you have:

  • more than 3 no shows; or
  • more than 6 late cancellations; or
  • more than 7 combined no shows and late cancellations; or
  • 25% cancellation rate, with at least 10 cancellations in the month.

*Action may include progressive suspension of service.

Receive a 40% discount when traveling with local taxi companies

To benefit from Taxi Scrip:

  • a person must be unable to use regular transit by reason of a disability,
  • must have registered with Accessible Transportation Services; and
  • must be prepared to show the taxi driver their personal ATS Photo Identification Card each time a taxi trip is taken