Taxi Scrip Program

July 21, 2016 - 12:31pm

Hamilton Fire Department Issues Open Air Burning Ban - July 21, 2016

HAMILTON, ON – July 21, 2016 – Due to current dry weather conditions coupled with the continued forecast of extreme temperatures with no appreciable rain in the near future, the Hamilton Fire Department has issued an immediate ban on all open air burning in the City of Hamilton.  This ban suspends all approved Open Air Burning Permits.

More information and details about the ban.

Summer Bus News
June 13, 2016 - 1:15pm

Get the latest news on summer schedule changes effective June 26, 2016

HSR schedule changes are effective Sunday, June 26 to Saturday, September 3, 2016

  • HSR summer schedules and seasonal routes

Summer Schedules

These routes will have a summer Weekday schedule effective Sunday, June 26 to Saturday, September 3, 2016.

Seasonal HSR Routes

Route 51 - UNIVERSITY - does not operate during the summer months.
Route 56 - CENTENNIAL - will operate to and from the Wild Waterworks during their summer season.
Route 99 - WATERFRONT SHUTTLE - will operate daily starting Sunday June 26th until Monday September 5th, 2016.  It's Free!

Special Events

Date: Friday, July 1, 2016 
Event: Canada Day Celebration
Time: 4 to 11:30 pm
Details: HSR will provide a free shuttle between downtown Hamilton and Pier 4 park

Date: Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 7
Event: Festival of Friends
Details: HSR will provide shuttles from MacNab Terminal area to the Ancaster Fairgrounds.  For more details, visit  Regular fares apply.  

Date: Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 28
Event: Winona Peach Festival
Details: HSR will provide free shuttles from Eastgate Square to Winona Park. Please donate to their food drive.  For more details visit

Date: Thursday, September 22 to Sunday, September 25
Event: Ancaster Fair
Details: HSR will provide shuttles from Meadowlands and MacNab Terminal area to the Ancaster Fairgrounds.  For more details visit Regular fares apply.  

Move to the back of the bus

As you know, the front of the bus can get congested with personal mobility devices and strollers/buggies.  If you do not have one of these devices or need the special front seating, please move to the back of the bus, this allows for more passengers to board the bus.  Our passengers do not like to be passed by when the bus is full at the front and there is room at the back.

The Ti-Cats and HSR

The Hamilton Street Railway in partnership with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, allow fans to board HSR and Darts vehicles for free with a valid game day ticket.  This program is offered for all Tiger-Cats' home games and is valid only on home game days, three hours prior to kick-off until end of service.

We also offer free shuttle service to Tim Hortons Field on home game days two hours before the official game time. The same shuttle will be there after the game ends to take you to the four destinations; Lime Ridge Mall, Eastgate Square, University Plaza and the corner of King & Hughson.  Designated parking areas are marked at the shopping centres to leave your vehicle and hop onto an HSR bus.  Darts clients will need to pre-book their trip.  More details available.

Second Hand Smoke

The City of Hamilton has a Smoke-Free Workplace Policy to protect their employees from the potential hazards related to direct exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (also known as second hand smoke).  
Please DO NOT:

  • Enter the bus while exhaling smoke into the vehicle or at the drivers' face
  • Smoke inside HSR shelters or close to others waiting at bus stop areas

All materials used for smoking, including cigarette butts, should be extinguished and disposed of in appropriate containers.

Please ride with Courtesy, Compassion and Respect for our Operators and other passengers.

Transfer Policy

If using cash or paper tickets, and you need a transfer to complete your trip, ask the Operator when you board.  If using PRESTO, a transfer is automatically written to your card.  Remember, the expiry time is printed on your transfer and you can not use it after that time; if it expires, you pay another fare.

Old HSR Tickets

Current early series 2016 HSR tickets can be used between September 1st and September 30, 2016 with additional money.  Add an additional $0.15 to adult tickets and an additional $0.10 to student tickets and use them until September 30, 2016.  They will not be accepted in the fare box after that date.

Buying Tickets & Passes

To ensure that you are charged the correct price, buy your HSR tickets and passes from authorized vendors only.
Check out the vendor list our call information at 905-527-4441 to find your closest location.  Look for the HSR vendor decal on the store front window.

Summer Youth Pass

The Summer Youth Pass is offered on PRESTO only.  This pass is for Elementary and Secondary school students.
Passes will be available to load after June 17th and are valid July 1 to August 31, 2016.  The cost of the pass is $79.20 for the summer ~ that's a savings of $79.20!  

If you don't already have a PRESTO card, there is an initial $6.00 fee to obtain a PRESTO card.
Students must present a valid student photo ID card when boarding any bus when paying with a student fare.

This pass is only available at: 
HSR Customer Service Centre
36 Hunter St. E - Hamilton GO Centre 
Hamilton City Hall
71 Main St. W., Hamilton
Dundas Municipal Service Centre
60 Main St. E., Dundas
Any local Fortinos store.  

Fare Changes - September 1

(Adult, Student, Senior) - $3

Paper Ticket or PRESTO - $2.30
Paper or PRESTO Monthly Pass - $101.20

Person between the ages of 5 and 19 who
attends an Elementary or Secondary school
in the City of Hamilton. All Secondary
students must present their HSR photo
ID when using a Student fare.
Paper Ticket or PRESTO - $1.90
Paper or PRESTO Monthly Pass - $83.60

(persons age 65+, PRESTO Only)
PRESTO Single Ride - $1.90
PRESTO Monthly Pass - $26.50
PRESTO Senior Annual Pass - $265.00

Day Pass
Unlimited travel on all regularly scheduled
routes for a maximum of 6 people with a
maximum of 2 adults for that day - $13.80

Trans-Cab Program
A 50 cent Trans-Cab premium is charged in
addition to the HSR fare.

Taxi Scrip is a discount taxi fare program for City of Hamilton residents. Registered users get a 40% discount with local taxi companies. Eligibility for Taxi Scrip is determined using the same eligibility criteria as DARTS, and is offered in conjunction with DARTS service.

Apply for service

  • Print off and complete the Accessible Transit Application Form (PDF, 178 KB)
  • Submit your application by mail:
    ATS, P.O. Box 340
    Mount Hope, Ontario L0R 1W0
    Or by fax:
  • ATS will contact you by letter with determination of eligibility for service.
  • Taxi Scrip users are required to have an ATS Photo ID card made. This card is your proof of registration with ATS to use the Taxi Scrip Program. Carry this card with you and be prepared to show it whenever you purchase or spend the Taxi Scrip coupons.

Taxi Scrip coupons cost $24 per book. Each book has $40 worth of Taxi Scrip coupons. You can purchase up to three books per month.

  • Each book contains a combination of $1, $2 and $5 coupons totalling $40.
  • The holes in the coupons tell you the value:
    • Coupons with 1 hole are worth $1
    • Coupons with 2 holes are worth $2
    • Coupons without holes are worth $5
  • After purchasing the Taxi Scrip coupons, write your seven-digit ATS passenger number on the back of each coupon in the book. Your ATS passenger number is on the back of your ATS Photo ID card.

Where to buy Tax Scrip coupon books

  • ATS Office at the Mountain Transit Centre, 2200 Upper James Street, Mount Hope
  • Municipal Service Centres
  • Friends or family members must quote your ATS passenger number to make purchases on your behalf.

Ordering Taxi Scrip coupons by mail:

  • Fill out the order form included on the back inside cover of each Taxi Scrip coupon book
  • Make your cheque or money order payable to “City of Hamilton”
  • Write your ATS passenger number on the front of your cheque
  • Mail it to:
    • Accessible Transportation Services
      2200 Upper James Street, P.O. Box 340
      Mount Hope, Ontario L0R 1W0
  • You will receive your coupons within two weeks.

Ordering Taxi Scrip coupons by phone:

  • Visa and Mastercard are now accepted for the purchase of Taxi Scrip Coupons by telephone.
  • Call ATS at 905-529-1212, ext. 3, to place your order.
  • Please advise ATS of any change of address at the time of your call.
  1. Contact a local taxi company listed with ATS and arrange your ride.
  2. Tell the dispatcher that you are registered with the Taxi Scrip program.
  3. Tell the dispatcher if you:
  • use a collapsible wheelchair or walker
  • are visually or hearing impaired
  • need extra assistance to and from the vehicle.

One or more persons may accompany you at no extra cost.

Taxi companies listed with ATS:

  • Ancaster Taxi - 905-648-8294
  • Hamilton Cab – 905-777-7777
  • Blueline* – 905-525-2583 or 905-525-0000
  • Wave* – 905-777-9283

* Wheelchair accessible taxis are available. Book these accessible taxis in advance. Charges for using accessible taxis vary between companies.

Paying the taxi driver

  • Use your Taxi Scrip coupons to pay the fare shown on the meter.
  • If the meter fare is not an even dollar amount, you must pay the extra amount in coins. The taxi driver will not provide change from Taxi Scrip coupons.
  • Under City of Hamilton By-law, senior citizens 65 years of age or older receive a 10% reduction on meter rates, calculated on the highest full dollar registered on the taxi meter.
  • You cannot use coupons to tip the driver.
  • If requested, show the driver your ATS photo ID card as proof of registration with the Taxi Scrip program.
  • If you experience any problems with the taxi service, record the cab number, time, date and details of your trip and contact the taxi company.

Terms and conditions for the Taxi Scrip program

  • You can buy up to three Taxi Scrip coupon books per month only.
  • Taxi Scrip coupons do not expire.
  • You can get a refund for your coupons if you do not need them anymore.
  • Lost or stolen Taxi Scrip coupons are not reimbursed.
  • Taxi Scrip coupons cannot be re-sold or used by another person.
  • Drivers may refuse payment by Taxi Scrip coupons without a valid ATS photo ID card and passenger number.
  • Non-compliance with terms and conditions may result in suspension from the Taxi Scrip program.