Transfers and Connections

To ensure physical distancing for operators and customers, effective Friday, April 3, 2020, HSR has implemented changes in how service will be delivered:

  • All customers are required to enter and exit through the rear doors.
  • This includes Customers using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and all other personal mobility devices (PMD’s.) They are no longer being loaded from front door. To facilitate access to the bus, customers using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and all other PMD’s will be required to travel with a companion. The companion will be required to deploy the ramp under the direction of the operator. If there is a requirement for the wheelchair or scooter to be secured, the companion will be required to facilitate this as well. HSR will now only be able to accommodate one (1) wheelchair/scooter per bus regardless of the vehicle size.
  • In addition, effective Saturday, April 4, DARTS will be providing bus-stop to bus-stop service for HSR customers using wheelchairs, scooters and CNIB card holders. This will allow those traveling with personal mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters, and CNIB cardholders to travel without a companion. Learn more about Alternative service for HSR customers with wheelchairs, scooters or CNIB card-holders
  • HSR is restricting customer loads to 10 people on a 40 ft bus; and 15 people on a 60 ft articulated bus. Signs will be posted to identify which seats are not available for use. Operators will be by-passing stops if the load on the bus is in excess of the above amounts, or if there are concerns with physical distancing.


The HSR is operating on a reduced schedule until further notice. Most routes are operating on a Saturday schedule on weekdays. Weekend service remains the same: regular Saturday service will operate on Saturdays and regular Sunday service will operate on Sundays.


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Paper Transfers

  • You can get a free printed transfer if you have to take more than one HSR bus to complete your trip.
  • You must ask for a transfer when you pay your fare.
  • The HSR paper transfer is valid for 90-minutes from the next end of line for that specific route.
  • If you get on a bus past the two-hour window, you will need to pay the bus fare again.
  • You can use your transfer at any bus stop on any regular scheduled route.
  • Check your transfer carefully after you receive it from the driver.
  • You must show your transfer to the driver when you get on a new bus.
  • Destroyed or damaged transfers are not accepted.
  • If you have a monthly or annual pass you do not need a transfer.
  • In case of dispute, you will have to pay the regular fare and contact HSR Customer Service for assistance. You must provide the route name, bus number, date, location and time of the incident. Keep your transfer to help with the investigation.

Transfers with PRESTO

Transfers are recorded automatically when you use your PRESTO card. You will have two hours to use your transfer from the time that you tap your card on the PRESTO Payment device on the bus. The next time you tap your card the system will recognize the transfer and no fare will be deducted. 

HSR drivers can assist you with connections between buses. If the buses are timed only minutes apart, let the driver know where you will be transferring when you board. If possible, the driver can make a few calls and the other driver will be asked to wait to make the connection. 

Connections to Burlington Transit with transfers

Upon payment of your HSR fare using cash or ticket, please ask the driver for a transfer to connect to the Burlington service. If using any valid (non-PRESTO) HSR Pass product, just show the Burlington Transit Operator that pass at the locations below as your transfer.

  • Transfers and passes are only accepted by Burlington Transit drivers at the following designated  bus stops.
    • King St. at James St. (BT Stop #679)
    • King St. at Bay St. (BT Stop #827)
    • Aldershot GO station
    • Downtown BT Terminal (John St.)
    • Plains Rd. at Waterdown Rd (BT stop #992, #111, #721, #722, #1073)
    • Plains Rd. at RBG Building (BT Stop #698)
    • At other bus stops, you will need to pay full Burlington Transit fare to board.
    • Paper transfers are not required when using your PRESTO card.

Connections to Burlington Transit with PRESTO

  • You can transfer between HSR and Burlington Transit using your PRESTO card.
  • After tapping your card on the HSR you have two hours to transfer to Burlington Transit. No additional fares will be charged.
  • You do not need a paper transfer when using your PRESTO card.

Connections to GO Transit with PRESTO

When you use your PRESTO card on GO Transit before or after using the HSR, a discount will be applied automatically. If you take the HSR on a return trip from GO Transit, your fare for the HSR will be $0.65. When you transfer from an HSR bus to GO Transit, you will save $1.85 on your GO Transit Fare.