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(Re)envisioning Hamilton Street Railway

Hamilton City Council approved the 10 Year Local Transit Strategy in March 2015. The strategy focuses on refining the customer experience, addressing system deficiencies, revising service standards, adding capacity, and adding rapid transit (the BLAST network) in Hamilton.

Bus News - Spring 2019

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What kind of bikes can be loaded onto a bus bike rack?
  • The rack is built for bikes that have 16 inch (40cm) wheels or larger.
  • Tricycles, tandem or motorized bikes are not allowed in the racks.
  • Bikes with large carriers or other obstructing accessories may not be allowed in the bike rack.
HSR Customer Service Centre is open Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) if you need:
  • photo ID?
  • a timetable?
  • a PRESTO card?
  • a Day Pass?