Riding with HSR

Bus Safety

Beginning September 6, 2020, HSR will return to weekday service at a summer level on most routes. View our Schedule and timetables

Have a question about HSR's response to COVID-19? Visit our FAQ for Transit Customers.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, customers are required to wear a non-medical mask on public transit. This extra step can help protect others in spaces where physical distancing can be hard to maintain.

The Customer Service counter at 36 Hunter Street Go Station (ONLY) has resumed normal business hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday for customers to renew monthly passes, purchase and reload PRESTO cards and to purchase tickets. Our Customer Service Desk at Mountain Transit Centre (2200 Upper James St.) will remain closed to the public until further notice.

HSR has resumed fare collection and front-door boarding for customers. Operator compartment bio-shields have been installed as an additional measure to protect operators and customers.


Bus safety

You are entitled to a safe bus trip. Tell the driver if you do not feel safe riding the bus. Do not enter into verbal or physical confrontations with other passengers. The driver can refuse the boarding and remove passengers who are misbehaving or being disorderly.

All HSR buses have a two way radio, an automatic vehicle location system and a silent alarm system.

Yellow safety line

Stay behind the yellow line at the front of the bus so the driver can see around the bus. Do not distract the driver with questions or conversation.

Follow directions from the bus driver. The driver will ask you to move if you are in the way.

Bus safety for seniors

Follow these tips to stay safe when you ride the bus:

  • Travel during off-peak hours when buses are less crowded.
  • Be careful when travelling in poor weather conditions. Snow, ice and rain can make roads and sidewalks unsafe.
  • Be seated when the bus starts moving.
  • Sit at the front of the bus if you are unsteady.
  • Use the handrails to move to the back of the bus if there are no seats at the front.

If you need more assistance getting around call Accessible Transportation Services at 905-529-1212 and ask about Taxi Scrip and DARTS programs.