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To help reduce the spread of COVID-19,customers are required to wear a non-medical mask on public transit.This extra step can help protect others in spaces where physical distancing can be hard to maintain.Have a question about HSR's response to COVID-19? Visit our FAQ for Transit Customers.


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The HSR’s (Re)envision team wants to know more about how to make transit your first choice!
We’ve received feedback through our survey by close to 6,000 of you telling us about your preferences and travel patterns. While our friends at McMaster are analyzing the results to inform the new network design, we are gearing up for more engagement and invite you to participate in shaping the future of bus service in Hamilton.

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During this phase of (Re)envision we encourage you to sign-up and participate in our interactive engagement platform.

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Visit myhsr.hamilton.ca to:

  • Share ideas, take part in mapping exercises, and discuss our routes and service
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  • Connect with the (Re)envision Team for questions and answers about our plans to reconfigure the network

Project Timeline

HSR timeline icon for Winter 2019


Survey our current and potential customers
- Completed

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Outreach & Engagement

Consult, deliberate and collaborate with Hamilton's many communities
- Current

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Network Design & Consultation

Design and reconfigure our network
- Next up

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Council Presentation

Provide recommendations to Council.

Great transit is vital to helping the City achieve its vision of being the best place to raise a child and age successfully. That’s why we’re embracing the opportunity to look to the future by (Re)envisioning the HSR.We’ve engaged world-class experts at McMaster University’s Faculty of Civil Engineering. Together, we’ll map out the road ahead and envision a transit system that moves at the speed of Hamilton.

We can’t do this without your help. We’re engaging all Hamilton residents, including current and potential customers. We want to find out how you feel about our current service and what you need from us in the future. With your voice, we’ll reconfigure our routes, evolve our schedules and improve our service. Our goal is to meet your needs today and exceed your expectations tomorrow.

(Re)envision is part of the 10 Year Transit Strategy

Hamilton City Council approved the strategy in 2015. It builds upon previous plans that considered how to prepare for moving people quickly and efficiently across Hamilton.


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(Re)envision the HSR Toolkit

Employers, neighbourhood associations and community leaders
Contact us at [email protected] to get your (Re)envision the HSR Toolkit to share with your employees, organization and network. This is the best way to enable your community to add their voice to the conversation.

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