Glanbrook Trans-Cab - Mount Hope & Airport

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 7 pm in the urban portions of Glanbrook

Route extensions: Route 27-UPPER JAMES

Trans-Cab trips must be made to and from the transfer point at Mountain Transit Centre, 2200 Upper James Street South.

Mount Hope and Airport Service Zone

If your street name does not appear on the list, you are not within the HSR Glanbrook Trans-Cab - Mount Hope & Airport service zone.

Street Name Address Range From To
Aeropark Blvd. all    
Airport Rd. West even 8500 9500
Airport Rd. West odd 8501 9499
Aberdeen Ave. all    
Aldercrest Ave. all    
Alderlea Ave. all    
Avatar Way all    
Butterfield Crt. all    
Comfort Crt. all    
Dickenson Rd. West even 9000 9250
Dickenson Rd. West odd 9001 9249
Fulmar Way all    
Glanair Dr. all    
Greti Dr. all    
Hampton Brook Way all    
Hollybank Way all    
Homebrook Dr. all    
Homestead Dr. all    
Longview Dr. all    
Longview Crt. all    
Malwood Dr. all    
Marion Dr. all    
Mother's St. all    
Penfold Crt. all    
Portage Lane all    
Powerline Crt. all    
Provident Way all    
Rosebury Way all    
Saveryn Rd. all    
Seneca Ave. all    
Solsbury Cres. all    
Spalding Dr. all    
Spitfire Dr. all    
Springside Dr. all    
Stagecoach Dr. all    
Stoneglen Way all    
Strathearne Pl. all    
Talbot Lane all    
Thames Way all    
Twenty Rd. West even 8100 8998
Twenty Rd. East odd 8102 8999
Upper James St. even 1800 3600
Upper James St. odd 1801 3599
White Church Rd. West even 9000 9210
White Church Rd. West odd 9001 9209
Woodbrook Crt. all