Glanbrook Trans-Cab - Twenty Road West

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 7 pm in the urban portions of Glanbrook

Route extensions: Route 27-UPPER JAMES, Route 35-COLLEGE, Route 44-RYMAL

Trans-Cab trips must be made to and from the transfer points at Mountain Transit Centre, 2200 Upper James Street South or Garth Street and Rymal Road.

Twenty Road West Service Zone

If your street name does not appear on the list, you are not within the HSR Glanbrook Trans-Cab - Twenty Road West service zone.

Street Name Address Range From To
Abbotsford Trail all    
Appalachian Trail all    
Archer Way all    
Ballantyne Trail all    
Bellmore Crt. all    
Bellstone Lane all    
Blackburn Lane all    
Bluelagoon Dr. all    
Boca Dr. all    
Bocce Dr. all    
Brookheath Lane all    
Cathy Dr. all    
Critzia Dr. all    
Dunvegan Dr. all    
Effort Trail all    
Egret Ave. all    
Endwood Trail all    
Essex Trail all    
Four Leaf Trail all    
Garth St. even 1800 2000
Garth St. odd 1801 1999
Garth Trails Cres. all    
Georgian Trail all    
Glancaster Rd. odd 227 401
Grassyplain Dr. all    
Gravenhurst Trail all    
Greentrail Dr. all    
Greti Dr. all    
Grovetree Trail all    
Hallmark Trail all    
Idlewilde Lane all    
Jeni Ave. all    
Jenifer Dr. all    
Kellog Ave. all    
Kiltie Trail all    
Kopperfield Lane all    
Manitoulin Trail all    
Mapleleaf Trail all    
Mulligan Trail all    
Muskoka Dr. all    
Natalia Ave. all    
Nicosia Rd. all    
Northernbreeze Dr. all    
Oakhampton Trail all    
Peggy Way all    
Postoaks Dr. all    
Riveroaks Dr. all    
Sandollar Dr. all    
Silverbirch Blvd. all    
Starfish Dr. all    
Sunibel Dr. all    
Tallforest Trail all    
Timber Trail all    
Turi Dr. all    
Twenty Rd. West even 9000 9906
Twenty Rd. West odd 9001 9905
Twenty Place Blvd. all    
Whiterock Ave. all