Schedule, Routes & Maps

Stoney Creek Trans-Cab

Route extensions: Route 2 - BARTON, Route 55 and 55A - STONEY CREEK CENTRAL
Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday from 5 am to 1:20 am, and Sundays from 8 am to 6 pm in selected outlying areas of lower Stoney Creek.

Trans-Cab trips must be made to and from the transfer points at Bell Manor Loop, Highway #8 and Jones and Levi Loop.

If your street name does not appear on the list, you are not within the HSR Trans-Cab Stoney Creek service zone.

Street Name Address Range Transfer Point
Arvin Ave. From: 649
To: 740
Bell/Levi Loop
Arvin Ave. From: 841
To: 1290
Aquamarine Dr. all Jones
Avery Cir. all Jones
Barton St. From: 655
To: 755
Bell/Levi Loop
Barton St. From: 777
To: 1376
Base Line Rd. all Jones
Bel-air Ave. all Jones
Belgraden Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Bellavista Gate all Jones
Benzinger Lane all Jones
Bridgeman Lane all Jones
Bridgenorth Cr. all Jones
Burford Rd. all Bell/Levi Loop
Campview Rd. all Jones
Cardiff Lane all Jones
Cardigan Pl. all Jones
Cherry Beach Rd. all Bell/Levi Loop
Chianti Cres. all Jones
Chiara Dr. all Jones
Christina Ave. all Jones
Church St. all Bell/Levi Loop
Cokers Lane all Jones
Commerce Crt. all Bell/Levi Loop
Community Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Concession Rd. all Jones
Constellation Dr. all Jones
Copes Lane all Jones
Cornell Ave. all Jones
Cove Cres. all Bell/Levi Loop
Creanona Blvd. all Jones
Dartmouth Gate all Jones
Delrosa Way all Jones
Dewitt Rd. From: 390
To: 503
Bell/Levi Loop
Dewsbury Way all Jones
Drakes Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Dubonnet Dr. all Jones
East St. all Jones
Easthampton Rd. all Jones
Edenrock Dr. all Jones
Edgeview Dr. all Jones
Edgewater Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Escarpment Dr. all Jones
Falcon Rd. all Jones
Fieldstone Cres. all Jones
Fifty Rd. all Jones
First Private Rd. all Bell/Levi Loop
Fourseasons Dr. all Jones
Frances Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Frederick Ct. all Bell/Levi Loop
Fruitland Rd. From: 324
To: 518
Levi Loop
Galileo Dr. all Jones
Garden Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Given Rd. all Bell/Levi Loop
Glendarling Cr. all Jones
Glenholme Ave. all Jones
Glenmeadow Cr. all Jones
Glover Rd. all Jones
Goldeye Dr. all Jones
Gracehill Dr. all Jones
Grandview Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Grays Rd. From: 440
To: 645
Bell/Levi Loop
Green Rd. From: 395
To: 501
Bell/Levi Loop
Greenfields Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Greenstem Cr. all Jones
Halifax St. all Jones
Harbour Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Hartland Rd. all Jones
Helena Ave. all Jones
Herbert Ct. all Bell/Levi Loop
Highway #8 From: 784
To: 1499
Homeland Ct. all Bell/Levi Loop
Islandview Way all Jones
Ivybridge Dr. all Jones
Jones Rd. From: 323
To: 515
Bell/Levi Loop
Jones Rd. From: 80
To: 528
Kenmore Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Kerivan Ct. all Bell/Levi Loop
Kingspoint Cir. all Jones
Kingston Rd. all Jones
Knots Landing all Bell/Levi Loop
Lacoma Dr. all Jones
Lakegate Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Lakeshore Dr. all Jones
Lakeside Dr. all  Bell/Levi Loop
Lakeview Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Lewis Rd. all Jones
Lido Dr. all Jones
Liuna Ct. all Jones
Lochside Dr. all Jones
Lockport Way all Jones
Lorado Dr. all Jones
MacDonalds Lane all Jones
Maplegate Dr. all Jones
Marina Point Cr. all Jones
McCollum Rd. all Jones
McNeilly Rd. all  Jones
Mercedes Ln. all Jones
Millen Rd. From: 384
To: 484
Bell/Levi Loop
Millikin Dr. all Jones
Montreal Cir. all Jones
Monza Dr. all Jones
Nanaimo Cres. all Jones
Napa Lane all Jones
Norbrook Dr. all Jones
North Service Rd. From: 144
To: 760
Bell/Levi Loop
North Service Rd. From: 423
To: 833
North Service Rd. From: 845
To: 1097
Hwy 8 and Jones
Northampton Blvd. all Jones
Oakrun St. all Jones
Oceanic Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Oriole Ave. all Jones
Orvieto Ct. all Jones
Padua Cr. all Jones
Palacebeach Trail all Jones
Panorama Way all Jones
Park Manor Dr. all Jones
Peachtree Rd. all Jones
Pebble Valley Ave. all Jones
Pettit St. all Jones
Pinelands Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Pisa Dr. all Jones
Portofino Pl. all Jones
Railway St. all Jones
Raintree Dr. all Jones
Redcedar Cres. all Jones
Reservoir Pk. all Jones
Richmond Cres. all Jones
Ridgegate Pl. all Jones
Riviera Ridge all Jones
Rose Park Cres. all Jones
Sandbeach Dr. all Jones
Saybrook Gdns. all Jones
Seabreeze Cres. all Jones
Seacove Ct. all Jones
Seaman St. all Bell/Levi Loop
Second Private Rd. all Bell/Levi Loop
Sedge Brook Ave. all Jones
Serena Cr. all Jones
Shadowdale Dr. all Jones
Shippee Ave. all Jones
Shoreview Pl. all Bell/Levi Loop
Signalhill Pathway all Jones
Silverlace Cir. all Jones
Sonoma Lane all Jones
South Service Rd. From: 144
To: 760
Bell/Levi Loop
South Service Rd. From: 775
To: 1440
Springbreeze Hts. all Jones
Springstead Ave. all Jones
Sugarberry Ct. all Jones
Sunnyhurst Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Sunnyside Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Sunvale Pl. all Bell/Levi Loop
Teal Ave. all Bell/Levi Loop
Third Private Rd. all Bell/Levi Loop
Thomas Ct. all Bell/Levi Loop
Tidemore Hts. all Jones
Trillium Ave. all Jones
Tuscani Dr. all Jones
Vancouver Lane all Jones
Victoria Ave. all Jones
Vince Mazza Way all Jones
Waterbeach Dr. all Bell/Levi Loop
Watercliff Pl. all Jones
Watercrest Dr. all Jones
Waterford Cres. all Bell/Levi Loop
Watershore Dr. all Jones
Waterside Dr. all Jones
Wendakee Dr. all Jones
West Ave. all Jones
Westhampton Way all Jones
Whitefish Cres. all Jones
Willow Lane all Jones
Willowbanks Terr. all Jones
Windemere Rd. all Jones
Winona Park Rd. all Jones
Winona Rd. all Jones
Yellowwood Dr. all Jones

Stoney Creek Trans Cab Service Zone Map

  • When using the Bell Manor Trans-Cab Transfer Point (Barton & Bell Manor), you can be dropped off/picked up from any location within the Bell Manor & Levi Loop Trans-Cab Zone.
  • When using the Levi Loop Trans-Cab Transfer Point (Barton opposite Meteor Blvd.), you can be dropped off/picked up from any location within the Bell Manor & Levi Loop Trans-Cab Zone.
  • When using the Highway 8 and Jones Road Trans-Cab Transfer Point (Stoney Creek Municipal Service Centre), you can be dropped off/picked up from any location within the Highway 8 and Jones Road Trans-Cab Zone.