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Trans-Cab is a shared-ride taxi service between the HSR and Hamilton Cab available to all passengers. This service is offered in parts of Glanbrook and Stoney Creek where buses do not currently provide service.

Trans-Cab does not replace existing HSR bus routes. You must travel as far as you can on HSR before transferring to Trans-Cab.

Accessibility on Trans-Cab

Trans-Cab service is fully accessible to customers who use wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility devices. Tell the bus driver that you need a regular sedan taxi if you cannot climb into a minivan taxi. The bus driver will pass this message to the taxi operator.

When you call Hamilton Cab to request a Trans-Cab pick-up, tell them that you need wheelchair accessible taxi service. Call 24 hours before, if possible.

Using Trans-Cab

Travelling from Trans-Cab service zones

  1. Call Hamilton Cab at 905-777-7777 to request a Trans-Cab pick-up.  It could take up to one hour for a pick-up.
  2. Get into the cab and pay your regular bus fare plus a 50 cent premium to the Trans-Cab driver. The cab driver will give you a Trans-Cab coupon and take you to the Trans-Cab transfer point.
  3. Board the HSR bus when it arrives, show the driver your Trans-Cab coupon and deposit it into the fare box.

Travelling to Trans-Cab service zones

  1. Ask for a transfer, pay your regular bus fare plus a 50 cent premium and tell the bus driver that you need Trans-Cab service as soon as you board the bus.
  2. A cab will meet your bus at the Trans-Cab transfer point served by your bus route. It could take up to 30 minutes for a pick-up.
  3. Give the cab driver your HSR transfer.