Trip Planner

Interactive Schedule Information Tools

Use the Trip Planner to create your own personalized itineraries. You’ll need the following details to use trip planner:

  • your starting location
  • your destination (either an address, intersection or landmark)
  • the day and time you will be travelling

The trip planner will then tell you:

  • what route(s) you can take
  • where to get on the bus
  • when to get on the bus
  • if you need a transfer
  • the time you will get to your destination

The trip planner will also show you a map with your route and how far you need to walk.

Use the bus schedules option to create your own personalized route schedules.

  • Pick your bus route from the list.
  • Indicate the date and time you will be travelling. If you do not enter the date and time you will get the entire schedule.
  • Select specific stops along a bus route. If you do not select specific stops, you will be shown the schedule for all stops along your bus route.

Use the next bus option to find out details about your bus stop by entering the 4 digit bus stop number. You will be shown:

  • Routes that stop at the bus stop
  • Where the bus stop is located
  • The direction of travel
  • When the next bus will be there

You can also change the date and time to get information on future trips.

Use the location lookup to find the nearest transit stops in or around a location so that you can plan a trip.