Police Background Checks

New employees, students and volunteers are required to provide police background checks depending on the nature of the job. We place a high degree of trust in the integrity of our employees.

There are two forms of police background checks:

  1. Police authorities conduct criminal records checks to identify whether or not an individual has a criminal conviction without a pardon and/or has outstanding criminal charges in their name in Canada.
  2. In addition to a criminal records check, the vulnerable sector screening check identifies whether or not an individual has a sexual offence recorded in their name in Canada for which a pardon had been granted or issued. This check is only used for individuals seeking employment or volunteer opportunities with children or vulnerable persons, depending on the nature of the job.

You will receive a conditional offer of employment or volunteer opportunity, dependent on a clear background check. Some jobs, such as paramedics, require a background check early in the application process.

If you are asked for a police background check but you do not get one, you will not be considered for jobs or volunteer opportunities with the City of Hamilton.

A vulnerable person is someone who depends on others because of their age, disability, or other circumstances. A vulnerable person is at a greater risk of being harmed by persons in a position of authority or trust.

You need to go to the police service in the municipality where you live to get a police background check.

If you are a resident of Hamilton, including Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek, you have two options for getting a background check:

  1. Apply online at www.policesolutions.ca
  2. Apply in person at Hamilton Police Service’s Records Business Centre, located at 155 King William Street in Hamilton.

The Hamilton Police Services lists the acceptable pieces of identification that you can use to get your background check. They recommend that you do not apply online if you:

  • Have lived in Canada for less than one year
  • Are under 21 years of age
  • Do not have an established personal credit history, such as credit cards, bank loans or mortgages. A personal credit history is required to authenticate your identification

You must have proof such as a letter from the agency or school, if you need a background check for a volunteer position, the Children’s Aid Society, fostering, student registration or a field placement.

Results of your background check will be mailed to you, unless you arrange with the Records Business Centre to pick them up. You are responsible for paying for your background check and giving to the City.