Primary Care Paramedic Recruitment

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Please review the information below. Apply for Primary Care Paramedic PT, Job ID #14457.

Paramedics are on the front-line of our health care system. They provide emergency treatment of a patient's medical condition or traumatic injuries and provide medical transportation to health care facilities.

Paramedics bring a lot of skills and abilities to helping our community. Some of their day-to-day duties include providing:

  • Emergency medical care for ill or injured persons.
  • Leadership during an emergency.
  • Advanced pre-hospital life support, focusing on cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Transportation for ill or injured persons, to, from and between treatment facilities.
  • Patient assessment and treatment according to Provincial and local standards and protocols.
  • Medical interventions as deemed essential by the Base Hospital, a training facility under the Centre for Paramedic Education and Research with Hamilton Health Sciences, and Hamilton Paramedic Service including controlled drug therapy (under the Symptom Relief Program).
  • Semi-automatic defibrillation and cardiac dysrhythmia interpretation according to Provincial and local standards and protocols.
  • Interaction with members of the health care team, allied emergency care providers, the public, and patients in a professional manner.
  • Interaction with Central Ambulance Communication Centres (CCACs) to ensure the CACC is advised of their status/location at all times.
  • Collaboration with medical staff and allied emergency care providers to facilitate timely treatment
  • Support for a patient’s family and friends during the time of emergency care.
  • Participation in primary care, public health, public education, and community events as assigned.
  • Routine checks of vehicles and vehicle equipment to make sure they are clean, sanitary, mechanically safe, and ready to respond, in accordance with local and provincial standards.
  • Reports of any vehicle deficiencies and assisting to correct them where qualified.
  • Stocking and maintaining ambulance stations in a clean and orderly state.
  • Written reports as required. This includes, but is not limited to, ambulance call reports, incident/occurrence reports, vehicle checklists, and any other report as deemed necessary by Hamilton Emergency Services and/or Ministry of Health.
  • Attendance in continuing education as required.
  • Attendance at training and precepting of co-op, college, advanced care, and primary care paramedic students.
  • Proof of maintaining all legislated requirements for employment and all certification requirements as set by the Base Hospital and Hamilton Emergency Services.
  • Other duties as assigned which are directly related to the major responsibilities of the job.

To become a Paramedic with the City of Hamilton you must:

  • Have an Ontario High School Diploma or approved equivalent.
  • Be a certified Primary Care Paramedic (Paramedic Level 1).
  • Have a Diploma from a Community College in Ambulance and Emergency Care/ Paramedicine.
  • Complete and become certified in symptom relief and semi-automatic external defibrillation by the Hamilton Health Sciences Paramedic Base Hospital Program.
  • Current CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Have completed an Ontario College Paramedic Program and must achieve Emergency Medical Care Assistant Certification within 210 days of commencing employment.
  • Have a valid class F Ontario driver's licence.
  • Meet all current requirements (including medical) of the Ambulance Act and Regulations. As a condition of employment you will be required to provide proof of the minimum requirements required as outlined in the Ambulance Act and Regulations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide leadership, and take charge in an emergency situation.
  • Be in good physical health and able to lift heavy weights.
  • Prove you have the ability to exercise sound judgement in emergency situations.
  • Be able to work a 24-hour-day, seven-day-a-week schedule. Regular part-time status consists of 12-24 hours per week with 12 of those hours on a consistent day of the week or consistent shift(s) as determined and assigned by the City, with advance notice as required in the collective agreement.

Preference will be given to those with:

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification
  • Basic Trauma Life Support certification

2019 Important dates

Review What to Expect During the Primary Care Paramedic Recruitment Process for further details on the below dates.

Recruitment Process and Information Guide (PDF, 346 KB)


  • Application process opens Thursday, October 4, 2018
  • Application process closes Wednesday, October 17, 2018


  • Written Exams take place for qualified candidates on Wednesday, December 5, 2018


  • Multi-Mini Interviews (MMI’s) will be conducted the week of January 21, 2019


  • Panel interviews will be conducted the week of February 11, 2019


  • Conditional offers will be made outlining next steps the week of March 11, 2019
  • Firm offers will be made in at the end of March 2019  


  • Orientation and training is anticipated to commence May 6, 2019

What to Expect During the Paramedic Recruitment Process

The City of Hamilton only accepts applications during specified recruitment campaign dates. These dates will be advertised as they become available.

If you would like to become a paramedic with the City, apply online by answering the mandatory online questionnaire and attaching your resume. If you do not fully complete the questionnaire or do not attach your resume, your application will be disqualified.

Written exam

  • All those who have submitted their completed mandatory questionnaire and resume are invited to write the exam unless you do not meet the qualifications.
  • A valid Ontario Class “F” Driver’s Licence or higher (or Provincial equivalent) dated no later than Wednesday, December 5, 2018 . Your Class “F” Driver’s Licence as stated above is required at time of testing and throughout the process.
  • You must bring with you to the testing two (2) H or HB pencils and a good eraser.
  • Candidates who are qualified for the written test will be contacted by e-mail and assigned to one of two written exam sessions.

Session 1:

Date:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Time: 9 to 11 am (Registration commences at 8 am)
Location: Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s - Wentworth Rooms B and C
1 Summers Lane Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y2

Session 2:

Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Time: 1:30 to 3:30 pm (Registration commences at 12:30 pm)
Location: Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s - Wentworth Rooms B and C
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton Ontario L8P 4Y2

Multi-Mini interviews (MMI's) will be conducted the week of January 21, 2019

Those who are selected for an interview will be notified via email with detailed information.

Required Documents to be provided at the Interview:

The City of Hamilton Reference Consent Form will be provided to you when you are contacted for an interview. You will be required to bring the completed Reference Consent Form to the interview listing three (3) references. References must be employment related in a reporting capacity. Please note, if you are a recent graduate and you advance to the interview stage, we will require a reference from your main preceptor. References will only be contacted if you are proceeding through the next step in the recruitment process following the interview.

Original and one (1) copy of each of the following documents are required at the interview:

  • Valid Class “F” Driver’s Licence dated no later than December 5, 2018 photo ID. For copy submission please ensure front and back is copied.
  • Current CPR certificate equivalent to HSFO standards.
  • AEMCA or letter of registration to write AEMCA Testing. If you have a letter of registration and your AMECA is pending proof must be provided on the last business day prior to the first day of the orientation program.
  • If you are a new graduating student and have not yet received your diploma you will be required to produce a letter from your college instructor stating anticipated graduation date and verification of registration for MOH AEMCA examination. Upon successful completion of the AEMCA exam you would be required to bring the letter of successful completion and AEMCA Certificate to Hamilton Paramedic Service. In the event that after 210 days post-graduation (the end of the AEMCA pending period), you have not been certified AEMCA by the Province of Ontario, your employment with the City of Hamilton will be terminated.
  • Diploma from an approved Ontario Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Training Program or letter of good standing from an approved Ontario PCP Training Program indicating graduation date.
  • High School Diploma or official transcript or approved equivalent as established by the Ontario Ministry of Education. For evaluation of International educational certificates please contact the International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada at 1-800-321-6021 or or World Education Services – Canada (WES-Canada) at 1-866-343-0070 or
  • Provide proof of completion of all mandatory MOHLTC core programs. This can either be done by individual certificates or with a letter attesting to completion by an approved Ontario PCP Training Program.
  • Any relevant certifications (i.e. BA, BSc, ACLS, Base Hospital, PALS, BLS etc.)

2nd Interviews:

  • Panel Interviews to be conducted the week of February 11, 2019.
  • Those who are selected for a 2nd interview will be notified via email with detailed information.

Conditional Job Offers

Conditional job offers will be made the week of March 11, 2019  based on the number of vacancies. To be eligible to continue further in the process the following conditions must be satisfied after the conditional offer is made:

  • Ability Works Physical Agility Evaluation
    • You will be required to pass the Ability Works Physical Agility Evaluation.
  • Blood Work and ECG
    • You will be required to complete lab work.
    • You must pass a physical exam (administered by our Physician) as set out by the employer specific to the work of a Primary Care Paramedic.
  • MOHLTC Identification
    • Meet all requirements for MOHLTC Identification.
  • Immunization Status and Free from Communicable Disease Proof
    • Proof of Immunization as outlined in Table 1, Part A of Ambulance Service Communicable Disease Standards.
    • Proof that candidate is free of communicable diseases listed in Table 1, Part B of Ambulance Service Communicable Disease Standards.
  • Driver’s Abstract Check
    • A valid Class “F” Driver’s Licence dated no later than Wednesday, December 5, 2018 photo ID.
    • Your driver’s abstract will be conducted by the City of Hamilton. Your driver’s abstract must be satisfactory to the City of Hamilton.
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Check
    • You will be required to obtain at your own expense a Police Vulnerable Sector Check from the police service that services the Municipality in which you permanently reside.
    • An original must be submitted.
    • In order for your application to be considered, you must not have a criminal conviction for which a pardon has not been granted at time of application and must be satisfactory to the City of Hamilton.
  • Reference Checks
    • Reference checks will be conducted at this point in the recruitment process. If you are currently employed as a Paramedic, one of your references must be your Paramedic Supervisor. If you are currently a Paramedic Student, one of your references must be your Preceptor.
  • Medical
    • You will be contacted by the City of Hamilton with a date and time for your third-party medical assessment.
    • You must successfully complete the medical evaluation to be considered further.
  • Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER) Certification
    • You must successfully complete and become certified in the skills and knowledge as set out by the employer and Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) Centre for Paramedic Education and Research (CPER).
    • Certification will be conducted by HHS CPER.

Firm Offers

Firm offers will be made towards the end of March, 2019.

Orientation and training

Orientation will commence May 6, 2019 and is approximately five (5) weeks.

Eligibility List

You will be required to be successful/pass each phase of the process in order to be placed on the eligibility list to be hired as a Primary Care Paramedic. Once on the eligibility list, as vacancies arise, you will be considered for employment pursuant to your standing on the list.

College Perceptorships

Hamilton is a mix of urban, suburban, and rural communities that experiences a high need for experienced Primary and Advanced Care Paramedics.

The City of Hamilton is a strong advocate for paramedic education so we have developed a college program preceptorship. We are proud to support a tradition of providing educational opportunities for Primary and Advanced Care Paramedics.

Students who are interested in a preceptorship with the City should have their college coordinator contact us directly.