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Reference Checks

The City will continue to focus on maintaining essential services and critical support and will manage appropriate recruitments on a case-by-case basis according to the current and changing COVID-19 protocols.

The City of Hamilton recognizes the importance of reference checks as a means of verifying information obtained from the candidate’s application, resume and the interview. We also contact references to collect and clarify other job-related information.

We perform reference checks for all jobs to verify information from your application, resume and interview. We check references for the final candidate as the last step of the application process.

You must provide at least three references who you currently report to or who you have reported to in the past. Exceptions are made depending on the job or volunteer opportunity that you apply for.

You may use references from outside local and national geographic areas.

Letters of reference provided by candidates do not replace a reference check. We have specific questions that we ask your references that are often not answered in your letter of reference.

Choose your references carefully. If the information they provide is not consistent with the information you have provided throughout the application process, you may not receive a job offer.