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Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Effective Thursday, September 23, 2021: Vaccine Verification

As a condition of employment you are required to provide proof that you are fully vaccinated or provide proof of valid exemption satisfactory to the employer prior to your start date. You must acknowledge and agree to comply with any future vaccine policy requirements as an ongoing condition of employment at the City of Hamilton.

Do you have a desire to help keep your community healthy and safe?  The Hamilton Fire Department is looking for individuals who have and can demonstrate the personal values of trust, honesty, integrity, compassion and empathy and can perform as part of a team. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to perform a number of tasks including: fire protection and rescue services, fire inspection and public education within established policies and guidelines.

With our continued commitment to an inclusive workforce, we encourage you to join the Hamilton Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter and experience one of the most rewarding, engaging and exciting opportunities within your community.

*Note: Volunteer Firefighters are compensated for attending emergency scenes, training and performing station duties. 

Volunteer firefighters are responsible for a wide variety of duties including, but not limited to:

  • Responding to fire and rescue emergencies.
  • Performing manual work of a hazardous nature involving fighting fires, salvaging, and rescue work and administering first aid under direct supervision.
  • Participating in regular training and maintenance work of the fire station and equipment.
  • Making decisions and working without supervision until an Officer arrives on the scene.

To become a Volunteer Firefighter with the City, you must:

  • Live and/or work within the volunteer response area that you are applying to (see Catchment Area below)
  • Be able to communicate in English both in speaking and writing.
  • Be able to conduct routine maintenance and cleaning of stations and all types of apparatus and equipment used.
  • Be able to obtain an Ontario class DZ driver’s licence during the probationary period.
  • Be able to work in a highly structured work environment and follow the rules, regulations and procedures of the Hamilton Fire Department.
  • Be capable of learning and performing the various methods and techniques used in extinguishing and preventing fires and in rescue techniques.
  • Have a valid Ontario class G driver’s licence or higher with 0 demerit points satisfactory to the City of Hamilton and must be maintained throughout the entire process.
  • Have Grade 12 or approved equivalent
  • Have the ability to acquire a general knowledge of hazardous materials, poisonous substances, arson detection, life safety systems and other job related subjects, and be familiar with the procedures associated with these subjects.
  • Have the ability to make decisions and to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.
  • Have visual requirements of at least 20/30 in each eye without corrective lenses, have normal depth perception, and have colour vision.
  • Maintain the physical strength and agility to perform hard work and operate all firefighting/rescue apparatus and equipment, as well as safety equipment under adverse conditions, frequently, for prolonged periods of time.
  • Be able to successfully complete a psychological assessment completed by a mental health professional of the employers choosing. Candidates will not be provided with the results of or feedback from their psychological assessments.
  • Not have any criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted.
  • Successfully complete the recruit-training program.

Apply online by attaching your resume and answering the mandatory questionnaire. Applications will be disqualified if:

  • The mandatory questionnaire is not completed in full
  • Your resume is not submitted
  • False statements are made on your resume or in answer to the questionnaire

What to expect during the volunteer firefighter recruitment process

Catchment areas

You must live within eight kilometres and five minutes from the Volunteer Fire Station to which you are applying (based on Google Maps).

Click on the address below to link to Google Maps for the station you are applying for:

Station # Address
14 595 Chapel Hill Road Elfrida
15 415 Arvin Avenue Stoney Creek
16 939 Barton Street East Stoney Creek
17 363 Isaac Brock Drive Stoney Creek
18 2636 Highway #56 Binbrook
19 3302 Homestead Drive Mount Hope
21 365 Wilson Street West Ancaster
24 252 Parkside Drive Waterdown
25 361 Old Brock Road Greensville
26 119 Lynden Road Lynden
27 795 Old Highway #8 Rockton
28 1801 Brock Road Freelton

Contact the Area Commanders’ Office at 905-546-2424, extension 6078 if you have any questions about whether you live within a catchment area.

Steps in the recruitment process

Candidates who are selected to proceed in the recruitment process will be contacted to complete the Firefighter Entry Level Test – FireTEAM - with Firefighter Services of Ontario.  Please note that testing could be scheduled in person or online.

The FireTEAM Firefighter Entry Level Test includes the following:

  • Human Relations Video Test
  • Mechanical Reasoning Test
  • Math Test
  • Reading Test

No examination aids are permitted and the test takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

The Human Relations test is a multiple choice, video-based test designed to simulate emotional triggers present in the job.

These emotional triggers are used to elicit responses showing how the candidate determines priorities when responding to common job stressors such as:

  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Congenial with coworkers
  • Considers coworkers before self
  • Customer relations
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Industrious/hardworking
  • Integrity/ethics
  • Leadership
  • Persistence in ongoing learning
  • Safety orientation
  • Supervisory/management support

The passing score for the Firefighter Entry Level test taken with the Firefighter Services of Ontario is 70% or higher. Please note that meeting this criterion does not guarantee that you will move forward in the hiring process. Candidates selected to move forward in the recruitment process will be contacted by email.

Photo ID is required at time of testing and throughout the recruitment process:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Health Card

Required documents to be provided at the interview

Original and one copy of each of the following documents are required at the interview:

  • A minimum valid Class “G” Driver’s Licence with 0 demerit points and satisfactory to the City of Hamilton at time of application (street address must match what is listed on your on-line contact information in “My Profile”) is required for this step in the process.
  • The City of Hamilton Reference Consent Form will be provided to you when you are contacted for an interview.  You will be required to bring the completed Reference Consent Form to the interview listing three (3) references.  Please note these employment references must be people that you have reported to and at least one of the references must be someone you have reported to within the last three (3) years.  Personal references are not acceptable.

If the above information is not provided at the interview, you will be disqualified from the process and we will not proceed with the interview.

You must successfully pass the interview process to be considered further. Please note that interviews could be scheduled in-person or online in conjunction with COVID restrictions in place at the time.

The selected Volunteer Firefighter applicants who pass the Interview will be required to undergo a psychological assessment to assess their suitability for the position of Firefighter.

Candidates who are contacted to move to the next steps in the recruitment process will be required to complete the Firefighter Services of Ontario Applicant Assessment.

More information about the testing can be found at:

The steps in the Applicant Assessment include:

Occupational Assessment (CPAT)

Occupational Assessment (CPAT) includes:

  • Stair Climb
  • Hose Drag
  • Equipment Carry
  • Ladder Raise and Extension
  • Forcible Entry
  • Search
  • Rescue
  • Ceiling Breach and Pull

Acrophobia Test

The acrophobia test requires candidates to climb a 30-foot ladder, wearing a harness, helmet and gloves for safety purposes. Once at the top of the ladder candidates will be asked to anchor themselves with one leg over and through the rung. Before returning to the ground, candidates will be asked to connect two hose couplings, lean backwards on the ladder and look down at a mark on the ground for 10 seconds.

To be eligible to continue further in the process, candidates who receive a Conditional Offer must meet the following conditions:

  1. Police Vulnerable Sector Check
    You will be required to obtain a Police Vulnerable Sector Check, satisfactory to the City of Hamilton, at your own expense. To obtain your police check, go to the police service in the municipality where you permanently live.
    In order for your application to be considered, you must not have a criminal conviction for which a pardon has not been granted at the time of application and your police check must be satisfactory to the City.
  2. Medicals (administered by our physician)
    You will be contacted by the City with a date and time for your third-party medical assessment.
    The cost of the medical assessment is covered by the City.
    The required medical documents will be provided to you once your appointment has been confirmed.
    You must successfully complete the medical assessment to be considered.
    Your vision will be tested at the medical assessment. The acceptable vision required for this position is 20/30 in each eye without corrective lenses and the ability to satisfactorily complete a colour vision test.
  3. Reference Checks
    Complete the Reference Consent Form (PDF, 90 KB). References must be employment-related and someone that you report or reported to.  Your references submitted at the time of your interview will be contacted by the City of Hamilton.
  4. Licence and Driver’s Abstract Check
    You must have a minimum valid Class “G” Driver’s Licence (address must match what is listed on your on-line contact information in “My Profile”) with 0 demerit points and satisfactory to the City of Hamilton and must be maintained throughout the entire process. Your driver’s abstract will be conducted by the City of Hamilton.

Hamilton Fire Department - Volunteer Recruitment Training Program will be a comprehensive 260-hour training program that will include the following:

  • Duration: Approximately 260 hours


Candidates are expected to attend theoretical and practical training three times per week from onset to conclusion: 

  • Tuesday 9 am to noon or 7 to 10 pm
  • Wednesday 9 am to noon or 7 to 10 pm
  • And Saturday 8 am to 4 pm or 3 to 11 pm
  • Candidates should expect 14 hours per week of training.
  • Training will occur at Hamilton Fire Department, Indoor Training Facility Building, 1227 Stone Church Road East, Hamilton and other locations as determined (training locations are subject to change).
  • Candidates are expected to commit to a minimum of 80% attendance.
  • All candidates are expected to achieve 75% or greater on assigned test/examinations and be deemed “qualified” on practical evaluations in order to successfully complete the program.
  • Candidates are expected to complete around six to eight hours of self-study per week throughout the duration of the training program. 
  • Please note that due to the ongoing and ever-changing situation regarding the COVID pandemic, training conditions and schedules may require to be modified

After successfully completing recruit training, all volunteer firefighters are expected to:

  • Maintain an attendance rate of at least 50% of regular training sessions.
  • Volunteer firefighters train a minimum of two hours per week. Depending on your assigned station this could be on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday night.
  • In addition to regular training sessions, volunteer firefighters are expected to attend/complete other mandatory training programs as required which may or may not occur during their regular scheduled training sessions.
  • In addition to training, volunteer firefighters are expected to attend at least 25% of all alarms dispatched out of their assigned station
  • They are required to participate in at least 25% of the regular cleaning of their station/apparatus and apparatus/equipment inspection at their assigned station.

In addition to the above-noted requirements as a Volunteer Firefighter you will be expected to:

  1. Successfully complete your one year probationary period.
  2. Upgrade your driver's licence to a “DZ” class licence within the first year (training is provided by the department).

For further information

Please contact the Area Commanders’ Office:

  • 905-546-2424, extension 6078
  • From Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 4 pm